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5 Reasons To Invest In Manufactured Housing

May 13, 15 • manufactured homes

Since the housing market crashed, all segments of this market have slowly come back to life. From residential to commercial and everything in between, the potential for investment has risen again.

That area of “everything in between” includes the area of manufactured housing, which is a segment that Basic Components handles on a regular basis. We’re well aware of the rise in popularity of these type of surroundings.

For example, we know that with baby boomers having begun to retire, they’re often seeking to downsize their living arrangements by investing in smaller housing at a reasonable price.

Just how popular this investment is becoming can be seen from the stock market performance of the three REIT’s that focus on this segment of the housing industry. Over the course of a year beginning in April 2014, this department had a return of 44 percent, which puts it at the top of any other facet of the REIT community.

Below are 5 reasons why it’s ideal to invest in manufactured housing:

More Favorable Pricing

If someone is looking to move to an area like California or Florida, they’ll likely pay a premium for that privilege. That’s because certain segments of the country, especially in warm-weather areas, are known for their high real estate prices. However, with this unique form of real estate, those prices can be managed at a more reasonable cost.

Consistency and Quality

Walking inside a home of this type tends to amaze some people who feel that something is lost by making this investment. What they see are all the amenities of a regular home that are produced on a regular basis, which emphasizes that overall consistency of this method of operation.

No Production Delays

Regular homes that are built outdoors have their drawbacks, being subject to climate conditions that may cause job delays. In contrast, homes of this nature at Basic Components are built inside by experienced craftsmen. That’s because they have all the necessary components at their disposal to put this home together.

Lower Energy Costs

Given its mode of production, environmental awareness in taken closely into consideration. That means that avoiding energy waste, as well as taking advantage of current technologies, can result in cost savings over the life of the home. That’s more money in the pocket of the owner.

Positive Rule Changes

Another reason that this investment has gotten more enticing for those looking for a solid place to put their money is the fact the rules have changed since approximately the time of the surge in REIT returns. Now, going with this type of housing is much less dicey, since it’s under the same rules as a traditional mortgage.

So when the time comes to consider manufactured housing as an option, contact Basic Components. We’ve been around since 1986 and have established a legacy in doing the job right.