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What Mobile Home Building Materials Do You Need?

May 19, 14 • Mobile Home

If you have ever been inside of a bathroom that was in need of repairs or remodeling, you know that is it not something that should be overlooked. Water damage is unsightly and can cause foul odors if mildew is allowed to grow. Seals can become dirty and moldy over time causing ugly dark stains on your white tub or shower. When you decide to remodel your mobile home, do not forget to update and repair the bathroom. Basic Components has the mobile home building materials you need to remodel you mobile home bathroom.

New Tile in the Shower or Tub

While most mobile homes come with standard plastic tubs and showers, homeowners who decide to remodel may want a more elegant look. Adding tile to your mobile home’s shower is one way to add beauty and increase the value of your home. The first step is to pick out the tile you want. You will be using your choice of mobile home adhesives to keep the tile in place before you add the grout. Titebond 3452 Interior/Exterior Construction Adhesive is great to use in areas where moisture is a problem because it is water resistant. This adhesive can also be used in many other mobile home remodel projects.

Sealants around Tubs and Toilets

You will need to seal your new tile shower to prevent water from getting under the tile and causing damage. When looking for your sealant, stick with a company that specializes in mobile home caulks & sealants for best results. Dynamite® 1033 Tub & Tile Caulk-Squeeze Tube is a great choice for caulking around bathroom sinks and tubs. The product is flexible and water resistant. Also, it resists mold and mildew which are common issues in the bathroom. Check the other seals in the bathroom to see if they are leaking or dirty. If they are, it is often a good idea to scrape away the old seal and apply a new one.

New Bathroom Dry Wall

There is often drywall in other areas of the bathroom of mobile homes. Sometimes, this drywall can become water damaged. When this happens, it is possible for the homeowner to repair the damaged section of wall with mobile home adhesives, drywall, and nails or screws. Some people do not use adhesives when applying or repairing drywall. They are missing out on many benefits that adhesive can provide. Using adhesives when hanging drywall in your mobile home will prevent drafts and help with noise reduction. In addition, it will virtually eliminate the possibility that the head of the drywall screw or nail will pop out over time. Titebond 5352 Professional Drywall Adhesive is specifically designed for this type of project. It is perfect to use in the bathroom because it resists moisture.

When you are remodeling your home, it is extremely important to find a company that specifically sells mobile home building materials. Whether you need mobile home caulks & sealants or adhesives, Basic Components has the material you need for your remodel project. Contact us today to order or find out more about these or our other top of the line products.