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How To Hang Drywall

Feb 23, 17 • Builders

Among the many values that come with a building material drywall are the fact that it’s easy to hang and is an inexpensive option for individuals that need to adhere to a tighter budget. Hanging drywall is something that only requires a limited number of steps, which can expedite the building of manufactured homes or whatever project is on your agenda.

Wall Measuring

Knowing the width of the wall is one of the key aspects of when it comes to knowing how to put up drywall. When cutting the sheet, make sure it’s approximately 1/4-inch shorter than the wall.

Know Your Codes

Certain municipalities have different codes in place for what drywall type and the thickness specification is involved in hanging drywall. Two different types of drywall tend cover a good deal of the spectrum:

Standard: Drywall that’s ¼-inch thick, 1/2-inch thick or 5/8-inch thick cover different areas. The 1/4-inch deals with cracks, the 1/2-inch focuses on 16-inch centers that frame ceilings and walls, and the 5/8-inch focuses on 24-inch center.
Water-resistant: The choice of either the 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch will be based on whether it’s for wall or ceiling in the bathroom. The 1/2-inch backs the tile for the walls in the bathroom, while the 5/8-inch serves the same purpose, only with the ceiling in the bathroom.

Use Adhesive on Studs

Application of the adhesive onto studs will allow the nail heads that are already in place to remain stable, which helps make sure that the panel remains rigid. For those situations when a mobile home is under construction, specific adhesives are available when it comes to getting a fix on how to hang drywall.

Ceilings, Then Walls

With the help of an additional person, the first sheet used for the ceiling should be set near a corner and placed in horizontal fashion. Making sure that the studs are properly aligned with each vertical slide, the sheet can then be held in place by simply pounding in a few nails.

Avoiding the issue of having to tape off seams afterwards means having access to the longest sheet available is strongly recommended. That’s followed by nailing the sheet into the wall, which is handled by using your helper to raise the sheet to the peak of the wall before then making sure it remains solidly in place.

Easy Application of Compound

While some feel that knowing how to hang drywall involves slathering on as much compound as possible. However, that can end up turning out to be a negative, regardless of whether crafting a quality ceiling or wall is the ultimate goal. That’s because you’ll ultimately end up wasting a good portion of it when it comes time to smooth it down.

Veterans to Trust

Basic Components Inc. has been around for more than 30 years and knows what’s involved when it comes to knowing how to put up drywall. That’s because we have a large supply of adhesives on hand so that the concept of knowing how to hang drywall isn’t something that stops you in your tracks. So when hanging drywall is on your list of things to do, make sure to contact us at Basic Components so that we can get you started on the right track.