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Mobile Home Remodeling 101: What To Know

Apr 16, 18 • News

Living in a mobile home offers a unique experience that allows a resident to enjoy much of the same surroundings in a different atmosphere. Like a convention home, the idea of mobile home remodeling is something that owners consider and often undertake. Understanding the nuts and bolts of this type of structural rehab will allow for a much smoother process to take place.

Below are some areas of your mobile home that are the most likely areas to undergo changes. Installing mobile home parts and focusing on these sections can help deliver a vibrant new look that garners attention from friends and visitors:

Mobile Flooring

Injecting some new life into your home means out with the old when it comes to your floors. High-traffic areas or places like the kitchen and bathroom should be sections of the home where luxury vinyl tiles or laminate is the best selection to make. Carpet is something that works best for bedrooms and other comfort zones.

Mobile Home Fixtures

Those kitchen and bathroom areas can have fixtures that are either starting to rust or simply have a dated look. Obtaining mobile home parts for these sections has to take into account that the hinges and knobs match, while improved lighting through the installation of LED bulbs makes things brighter and will require fewer changes.

Mobile Home Walls

Some mobile home remodeling jobs of this nature focus on tearing down old walls to free up space and give your home a roomy feel. This approach will definitely change things up, yet for those who are keeping a close watch on the budget involved, a paint job might be the only thing that’s truly needed.

Mobile Home Doors

Considering all the different areas in a mobile¬†home that someone may focus on, it’s easy to forget about doors. If the decision to change the doors has been made, it’s vitally important to measure the frame before removing the old door. This area can find itself compromised over time because of the changing weather that contracts and expand the mobile home.

After installing the windows, making sure that they’re sealed tightly means applying caulk or sealant to them, especially if inevitable cold-weather conditions means that heat is in danger of escaping.

Mobile Home Roofing

This is an area where remodeling might be based more on current reality than simple aesthetics. The reason is that mobile home roofing endures all of the climate changes that take place over the course of a year. Depending on the particular locale of the mobile home and the location of the shingles, knowing about the variations in underlayment is important.

Some options to consider are asphalt-saturated felt that’s the most economical possibility. However, if ridges and valleys of the roof could be more vulnerable to any level of moisture, it makes more sense to go with a multi-purpose consideration. That allows for a small investment to pay greater dividends down the road, though keeping in mind the importance of proper ventilation in this makeup is important.

The Best Source

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