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Replacing Flooring In Your Mobile Home

Feb 12, 18 • News

Living in a mobile home is a unique experience that brings with it certain differences when it comes to replacement of a residence’s basic components. One particular area where this comes into play is when mobile home flooring needs to be removed, primarily because ignoring an issue that currently exists can end up damaging other parts of a home.

Important Factors

Like most things, the age of a mobile home can often help determine whether or not a floor replacement needs to be undertaken. The reason stems from the type of mobile home supplies that were used during the original installation, specifically the particle board that makes up the sub-flooring. The water intake for this type of board can not only create the presence of mold and a soft floor, but also lead to such potential dangers like rot.

Even newer homes can be vulnerable to mobile home flooring that lacks the sturdiness to last for an extended period. It stands to reason that the areas where this problem is most prevalent are flooring in bathrooms, around sinks and washers as well as water from the roof that eventually finds its way to the floor.

Having the Necessary Tools

Handling this type of project on your own means arming yourself with tools like a hammer, knife and prybar. Mobile home parts such as flooring will also obviously be needed, with the choice of vinyl often seen as easier to install than carpeting. In addition, mobile home supplies like adhesives and sealants will also be used at some point.

Getting the Process Started

Once the replacement begins, carpet and tile will be ripped out while those homes with vinyl will have to be cut out. Removal of the sub-flooring will be next, followed by a check of the joists. Obtaining other mobile home parts like insulation will end up putting more money in your pocket, thanks to reduced energy costs.

The placement of those those joists might seem to be an insignificant item to consider, but they should be in the opposite direction of the way you’re laying out your floor. One easy way to handle this is to simply install the flooring the way it was handled previously.

Another item to also include when installing the floor for your mobile home is an additional 2 X 4 board to go along with your standard replacement. That’s because it will make for a more durable presence since two pieces are always better than one.

Factors to Take Into Account

Before any installation commences, it’s important to make sure that any leaks have been detected and fixed. Failure to do so can be an expensive mistake, since continued leakage will simply wipe out all of your effort in replacing the flooring. That means that you’ll be doing this again much sooner than you might have expected.

Once the job has been completed, making sure the flooring is level will allow for the addressing of any problems immediately instead of discovering a problem once all your mobile home parts have been put away.

The Best Company For Your Job

Handling a project like mobile home flooring becomes infinitely easier when you have a trusted source for your mobile home supplies. That means purchasing items from Basic Components, including vinyl composition and luxury vinyl tile, as well as the adhesives, caulks and sealants that will work in tandem with the parts you have at your disposal. So when this project is needed, contact us right away at 1-800-452-1780 or fill out our online form.