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7 Ways To Save Money (And The Environment) with Modular Homes

Mar 21, 13 • News

Factory built housing is becoming an increasingly popular home option for buyers and renovators since it is efficient, economical, and stylish.

Money and Energy Saving Modular Homes | Mobile Home Parts TX Mansfield

While the older version of modular housing didn’t always impress – the term “mobile home” may still cause some to cringe – the modern version of prefab housing has advanced in quality and variety by leaps and bounds. At Basic Components, our Texas modular homes company, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of prefab housing. In a struggling economy and increasingly eco-conscious society, modular homes have become the heroes, with their efficient construction and small ecological footprint. If you’re interesting in a housing option that will help you save money and reduce waste, then you will find these next 7 facts about saving money and energy with modular housing very interesting!

1. Modular homes can be built quickly and efficiently, saving on construction costs.

Since prefab housing is constructed indoors, builders don’t have to wait on the weather or other factors to continue the construction process. The result is that each modular home is built on schedule, with no corners cut.

2. Because modular housing is constructed indoors, outside elements do not contaminate the building materials, leading to better construction.

Another benefit to factory built housing is that all the material used within construction are protected from the elements. Wood and other materials won’t get soaked by rain or infested with bugs. This means that the finished prefab home is free of mold, infestation and other hidden problems that can cause rot or air contamination.

3. Building codes for prefab housing construction are thorough, and factory built housing companies exceed even the minimum requirements.

While the building codes differ from area to area, a reliable modular home construction company will make sure to meet each requirement and will usually exceed them in their effort to produce homes of the highest quality. No longer do you have to worry about the amount of mobile home repairs that came with older versions of modular homes – with modern high standards and access to better materials and technology, prefab homes are just as reliable as other housing options.

4. The increasingly high standards and low costs of modular homes mean that banks are very willing to finance them.

Better building codes don’t just benefit the buyers and renovators of modular homes – banks are also more willing to finance them due to their superior quality and energy savings.

5. The increasing variety of eco-friendly mobile home parts results in a smaller environmental impact.

Building materials for prefab housing has increased in variety, with mobile home parts distributors realizing the demand for eco-friendly materials is increasing. There is a vast range of sustainable building materials and products that modular home owners and mobile home renovators can use.

6. Smaller, more compact prefab home designs makes heating and cooling the home more energy efficient and lowers utility bills.

The smaller housing trend is gaining popularity, as people would rather downsize than pay for larger amounts of space that aren’t being used efficiently. Prefab housing naturally tends to be more compact, as transporting is a factor. There is a massive variety of modular home designs that are modern and compact, leading to lower energy bills and smaller footprint.

7. Easy maintenance and lower energy costs increase the resale value of modular homes.

When considering housing options, home buyers will take into account operating costs. Since modular homes tend to perform well with energy conservation, they appeal to buyers who want to save money and feel good about being relatively eco-friendly.

Want housing that is economical and eco-friendly? Modular homes fit the bill!

There are plenty of other ways that factory built housing can save you money and lower energy costs, we couldn’t write them all! Just continue researching the cost saving and energy benefits of modular homes and you will be amazed at how appealing and stylish the options can be. If you want to speak to our TX modular homes builders and learn from the experts about factory built housing and mobile home repair and renovations, feel free to contact us!