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When it comes to constructing or remodeling homes of any kind, it is the details that count. Whether you are discussing RVs or modular homes, every component that goes into the build is one that will shape the experience of the person living there on a daily basis. Because the small things are so important, it is critical to use only the best manufacturers when it comes to getting things just right. From the raw materials to the design itself, people make their decisions based on every last detail down to the laundry sink.

Keeping Expectations High

In order to meet people's expectations, Basic Components uses only the highest quality raw materials and a finishing process that ensures our faucets impress even the most discerning of eyes. Our models of faucets are versatile yet offer a unique quality that allows them to stand out from the other hardware that is available on the market. In addition to the products that we create with these passions in mind, the faucets that we produce are designed to last a lifetime when given the proper care and attention. There is no other company that approaches the business with such care. We implement the latest technology in the products that we produce and pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our customers.

Every Application Covered

Metallic bar faucets are among one of our most popular models available. They feature fully-acrylic handles that clean easily. The faucet itself allows for swiveling angles that extend to 360 degrees. Additionally, the metallic bar faucets are cartridge-less and turn on a 90-degree angle as well. Our high arch faucet epitomizes the sense of luxury that we strive to include in our products as well. These faucets are beautiful to gaze upon on top of providing people with the space they need to maneuver around the sink when needed. The high arch faucet is low-lead compliant and features ceramic disc cartridges.

Hardware for the Home

Our products also are available at the most competitive prices around. The deals get even better when customers order in bulk as well. All orders can be tailored to meet the customers needs, typically offering a wide range of metallic finishes that include nickel plating, antique bronzes, or chrome. The metallic laundry faucet is another item that provides both a high level of utility without sacrificing on style. The swiveling capabilities of this model make it a popular among both builders and home owners while the durable finish makes it a reliable addition to this area of the home that receives plenty of use over time. Just because you are dealing with a sink that may be viewed as one reserved for utilities does not mean you do not have options. Our metallic laundry faucets still come with many options for splendid finishes that protect in addition to increasing the attractiveness of the hardware. Basic Components is one of the best sources for hardware that will instantly increase the sophistication level of any renovation or new construction project.