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RV Adhesives

RVs, or recreational vehicles have served American travelers for nearly a century. They can be permanent or temporary housing, mobile hotel rooms, disaster shelters and more. RVs can range in size from tiny teardrops to massive motorhomes or trailers with slide outs that increase the living area. Because these versatile items are exposed to far more stresses and weather issues than regular houses, the materials needed to build and maintain them need to be special, such as the adhesives used.

About RV Adhesives

Adhesives for RV’s need to be durable in the face of temperature ranges, exposure to rain, salt air, contaminants from roads, UV damage and more. On the roof, adhesives keep the special roofing material attached to the plywood decking. The specialized adhesive does not fail regardless of the sun’s heat, water drainage from the AC unit or chemicals found in road contaminants. Inside and out, adhesives can be found in virtually all parts of the RV.

Is There A Universal RV Adhesive?

For the best results, adhesives need to be matched to their intended purpose. Flooring requires one type of adhesive while bathroom adhesives require another. Since things do happen on the road, emergency repairs might be made with general adhesives. These are temporary fixes hat needs to be repaired once the rig is home again, as most general products are not made with RV’s in mind. It is best to carry the right adhesives and make lasting repairs no matter where the rig is parked.

Where Can These Adhesives Be Found?

While some big box stores carry RV supplies, most employees are not certified RV technicians. A question about fixing RV flooring might be answered by an employee recommending general household products not made for RVs. Specialized RV repair centers carry a selection of adhesives, but it is possible to find various products backordered during vacation season. It is also possible to find products not recommended by the RV’s manufacturer.

The Best Place To Find The Right Adhesives

There are four main categories of adhesives for RV’s. They are cold process adhesives, construction adhesives, drywall and panel adhesives and subfloor adhesives. These will repair virtually any problem found in an RV that requires a gluing application. Basic Components, Inc. carries all four categories of adhesives as well as other products for RVs. Contact the company for more information regarding adhesive applications, product brands, bulk orders and more. Skilled representatives are ready to answer all your questions.