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How To Install Vinyl Composition Tile In My RV

Dec 31, 14 • Mobile Home Flooring, RV parts

An RV is a rolling home away from home, so it’s only natural to give it a home-based appearance, something that vinyl composition tile accomplishes. In such a high-traffic area, having an appealing, inexpensive option does wonders not only for your ego, but your wallet as well.

Without the proper flooring, an RV is just a metal box that shields you from the elements. However, with vinyl composition tile, that metal box blossoms into a welcome surrounding that withstands the everyday messes that life can dish out.

Easy Clean-Up

This means trips to rugged areas won’t require the removal of shoes before entering the RV in order to protect flooring. It also means spills and other inevitable accidents can be quickly addressed with no lasting effects.

That’s because when you install vinyl composition tile, you get a durable surface that only requires a damp cloth to clean up.

The Process of Installation

The process to install vinyl composition tile is decidedly simple and also involves a minimum of cleanup. Through the use of an adhesive that’s easy to apply to each of the tiles, the messiness inherent with so many other projects of this nature disappears.

One by one, the tiles can be installed, and before you know it, you’re done. Even if one of the tiles breaks down the road, replacing it can be done quickly and easily. An investment of this sort is hard to beat because time and money are two things we never seem to have enough of in this busy world.

A Wide Variety Available

With 11 different vinyl composition tile colors to choose from in the Basic Components line, you’ll have the option of selecting a natural model like Brushed Sand or Antique White. Those with a yen for the more exotic may opt for such choices as Cafe Latte or Washed Linen.

Whatever choice you make, you’re bound to get positive comments from visitors who likely won’t be able to discern that your flooring isn’t actually the real thing. The money you save with this option can then go toward something that will further help your quality of life.

Basic Components is Your Best Choice

So if you’re looking to make a statement when you install vinyl composition tile in your RV and you want quality material at a competitive price, Basic Components Inc. is your next stop. We’ve been around since 1986 and have a laser-like focus on customer service that guarantees on-time delivery with a national distribution network that can ship to every corner of the Continental United States. Contact us today!