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Benefits of Moving to a Mobile Home

Jan 16, 23 • Blog, Mobile Home

Aspiring homeowners know how difficult it is to purchase a home, especially in the current housing market. This is why most Americans today opt for affordable, non-traditional home options like mobile homes.

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, come pre-built in the factory. Unlike traditional homes typically built on-site, these homes are transported from the manufacturer to any desired location. 

Many benefits come with living in a mobile home. If purchasing a traditional home is too daunting, consider mobile home living to see if it’s right for you. Here are a few benefits of mobile home living to consider.

Affordable Housing

Affordability is one of the main reasons home buyers choose mobile homes. Compared to their traditional counterparts, a mobile home costs less than half the cost per square foot. In dollar terms, the average cost to build a conventional single-family unit is $272,200, while the cost for a mobile home is $62,600. 

A mobile home can also be purchased new or used, with used homes offering even more savings because they cost significantly less than new ones. However, when considering buying a used mobile home, make sure that they were built after June 15, 1976. Mobile homes built before this date were not subject to Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, meaning the quality of construction isn’t guaranteed.

Nevertheless, living in a mobile home promises to be one of the best options for home ownership without breaking the bank.

Opportunity For Simple Living

A minimalist lifestyle is a modern movement where people choose to live with only the essentials. This “less is more” approach has been shown by numerous studies to improve a person’s mental well-being and overall state of health. If your goal is to live a simple and minimalist lifestyle, then living in a mobile home is for you. 

Aside from its affordability, one of the clear benefits of mobile home living is the ease with which you can adopt a minimalist lifestyle. With less space available, you no longer have to worry about investing in more stuff to fill out your entire space, making it easier to stick to the essentials.

Control Over Construction

The home construction industry is full of horror stories of projects gone wrong, from construction delays to faulty installations and everything in between. While these problems are almost always a risk in these types of projects, they are virtually unheard of when it comes to mobile home construction.

Strict rules and tight federal regulations govern the manufacture of mobile homes. Because these homes are built on assembly lines inside manufacturing plants, there is little room for error as every part is manufactured to precision. Further, these homes are built in controlled environments away from inclement weather, vandals, and the potential unreliability of contractors and subcontractors.

With so much control over the manufacturing process of mobile homes, prospective home buyers can expect to reap the full benefits of mobile home ownership and get the most bang for their buck.

Fast Installation

Mobile homes already come pre-fabricated from the factory, meaning installation time is cut to a fraction of the construction timeline for a site-built home.

Once all the parts are delivered, about 90 percent of the job is done. All you need to worry about is the home’s foundation and its connection to utilities like water, electricity, sewage, and gas. This also includes the time necessary to ensure the home is safe and up to code. At different stages of construction, on-site inspectors will take the time to examine its structure and ensure that the house is ready for occupancy.

Multiple Design Choices

When choosing a mobile home, you will most likely come across numerous choices of homes. These are the different types of mobile homes, which include the following:

  • Single-Wide: These homes are typically 90 ft long and 18 ft wide. They are made from a single structure and are easy to move, making them ideal for smaller households that do not need much space.
  • Double-Wide: The double-wide mobile home is a perfect choice for families needing more space. They are made from two large units, giving you more room to move around, although these homes are incredibly difficult to transport.
  • Quadruple-Wide: As the name suggests, these homes are typically made from four pieces, giving even more space for growing families and those who prefer large spaces. Although they tend to be more pricey, the benefits typically outweigh the potential drawback, making these homes a fantastic, luxurious option.

Aside from the size options available, modern mobile homes also offer elaborate design choices. They can be more than one story high and come connected with decks, porches, garages, and vaulted ceilings, giving you more options to style your house. 


Modern manufactured homes are built using quality, energy-efficient materials, helping you save even more money down the line. Inside the factories, the manufacturers take extra care in integrating efficient heating and cooling systems, high-performance windows, and other energy-efficient solutions. This way, you can be sure that your home is properly insulated to help you save on utility bills. 

Complete Amenities

Modern mobile homes are different from what they used to be. Today, mobile homes come with all the amenities you can expect in site-built homes, so you never have to worry about missing out on the things that make your home more comfortable.

Some mobile homes today come with amazing features like hardwood floors, 10-foot ceilings, ENERGY STAR appliances, and top-of-the-line fixtures. Some homes contain wall-to-wall carpeting, while others have ceramic tiles. Some even come pre-built with walk-in closets, soaker bathtubs, gabled roofs, fireplaces, bay windows, and many more.

Regardless of the modern amenities you’re looking for, these choices are available. The only difference is that these amenities will have to be installed by workers before the house is delivered. 


Most mobile homeowners choose mobile homes because they are an environmentally-friendly choice. As mentioned earlier, these homes are constructed using energy-efficient materials, enabling you to use less energy while maintaining optimal indoor comfort levels. 

The HUD Code that governs their manufacturing process ensures that each home achieves a high degree of energy efficiency using upgraded insulation in the walls and under the floor. They also come with insulated skirting and energy-efficient windows. With all these energy-efficient choices, it’s no surprise that entire houses can be Energy Star certified, as today’s mobile homes are 27% more energy efficient.

Protected by Warranty

Have you ever had problems getting in touch with your contractor to get them to come and fix an earlier mistake? These events are often quite distressing considering the amount of effort spent to get them to do the work but end up with underwhelming results.

These problems are virtually nonexistent with mobile homes as most homes come with a one-year warranty for construction and separate contracts for other stuff like doors, windows, siding, fixtures, and appliances. 

If you’re ever looking into buying a mobile home, make sure to ask about available home warranties. This is especially crucial if you’re buying a used home, as it might not come with a warranty.

A Worthy Investment

One of the biggest misconceptions about manufactured homes is that they will never rise in value. In fact, many people believe that these homes might even depreciate over time. Although some used homes tend to be cheaper than brand-new ones, it still depends on the home’s condition.

Just like any other home, a mobile home can appreciate if it’s properly built and maintained over time. The better its condition is kept over time, the better its resale value will be.

However, like any other home, their value will also be subject to the prevailing market conditions. Some factors that could impact resale value include:

  • The local housing market
  • The home’s initial price
  • The surrounding community
  • Inflation
  • Age of the home
  • Its overall condition

Nevertheless, all things considered, mobile homes are a good investment. Even one of the wealthiest men in the world, Warren Buffett, agrees. In fact, he and his company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased manufactured housing company Clayton Homes Inc. for $1.7 billion, which supports his views that manufactured homes are, indeed, a good investment.

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