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Drywall & Panel

A Versatile Product

Applying drywall adhesive can pretty much take place any time during the year, whether for professional or personal needs, but it helps to have a grasp of what the product is capable of doing when it’s applied.

Application Effectiveness

Sometimes a job calls for a drywall adhesive that can be applied to hardboard, gypsum wallboard, wood, aluminum and cold-rolled steel. Something that withstands any moisture or can avoid the inevitable products of aging adhesive that turns hard or brittle. Something that can be applied in a wide range of weather, from 10 degrees up to 100 degrees, takes only about 20 minutes for a quarter-inch bead, and also exceeds the ASTM C557 specification. Here, a panel won’t slip and can be positioned quickly, thanks to the strong initial tack it brings. Any gaps or irregularities in substrates can be filled, which helps provide a more effective backup service along with a strong bond. The only prerequisite is that the surface should be dry and clean, without any excessive amount of water, dirt, grease or oil.

Limitations to Consider

As versatile as this product is there are certain limitations that should be followed. It should not be applied on any vinyl-coated drywall, high-impact polystyrene, polystyrene foam or rigid plastics such as A.B.S. Also, mutual non-porous material should not be adhered together since the drying process will either be slowed or simply prevented.

Cleanup is Easy

Cleanup is also easy, since a putty knife is all that’s needed when it’s time to scrape off any dried excess adhesive. While the residue can be removed with solvent or mineral spirits, the solvent should first be tested elsewhere to make sure that the surface won’t be damaged.

The Search Is Over

Tracking down a store that offers panel and drywall adhesive products like this can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. In some instances, it may be available but the person in charge of selling it may be ill-equipped to accurately describe what it can do for a construction project. That’s where the Basic Components website comes into play, with easy ordering availability that will get the product in your hands as quickly as possible.