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Mobile Home Roofing

The underlayment and ventilation products at Basic Components Inc. are fully stocked and are available now. We make products like our Tarco organic felt, the first roofing product to go on after the rough carpentry, asphalt saturated felts to create a secondary barrier to moisture and ridge and static vents to improve your mobile home roof.


Tarco Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt features premium quality organic mat material, saturated with high-grade asphalt. It provides easy installation steps to go over the solid decking, before bringing on the asphalt shingles. For tough environments, we offer Tarco Ice and Water Armor. Because of its glass fiber reinforced resilience, it serves as a reliable barrier to moisture that results from wind-driven rain and ice damming on manufactured homes roofing.

Tarco SBS Multipurpose Underlayment

Tarco SBS Multipurpose Underlayment is constructed of highly versatile glass fiber, a reinforced sheet that is sandwiched between two layers of superior quality polymer modified bitumen. It’s a premium underlayment if you want a high level of moisture permeability. Additionally, there’s the Tarco Valley Flash material and the Tarco EasyLay™ Synthetic Underlayment. Both are highly moisture resistant materials for applications in critical areas of the roof, like valleys and ridges.

Ventilation - Ridge Vents

A big concern is proper ventilation. Roofs are notoriously humid and prone to mildew without the proper ventilation. That’s why ridge vents are so important to modular home roofing. Heat accumulates under a roof and causes problems, but this changes completely with ridge vents. Ridge vents afford the best ventilation available. In addition, the air temperature below the roof goes down as heat escapes. It is a great way to keep rain and snow out of the attic. You need only install it on over a slot in the peak. Ridge vents expel air from the roof and keep the elements out.

Ventilation - Static Vents

Static vents work under the natural flow of air and wind pressure. There’s nothing to plug in. The manufacturer designed the static vents to allow air to flow freely through the attic. Without air, the attic would experience dry rot, mildew damage and moisture invasion – an invitation to insects. By default, an attic without ventilation has many problems that can only be solved with adequate static vents. Static vents come as galvanized square, dome and slant back vents. When the vents are installed right, vents keep air flowing while birds and rodents are kept out. By spreading these vents out over your roof, you can vent the attic and avoid spending time and money on potential costly problems. Overall, these products are great additions to your manufactured homes roofing. They offer tremendous protection against snow and rain and you can easily install it with mobile home roofing and modular home roofing alike. We’d be happy to show you everything we have available in ventilation and underlayment products. If you’re interested or just want to ask questions about mobile home roofing, contact us for more information.