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To keep your mobile home at its best, you need to have some kind of ventilation system in place. Ventilation ensures that moisture is kept from accumulating in certain areas. Moisture under the roof can rot the wood, attract insects, and cause harmful mold. The ventilation systems found at Basic Components, Inc. are attractive, economical and extremely effective in expelling heat. We carry two of the most efficient ventilation systems available for factory homes, the ridge vents and static vents.

Ridge Roof Vents

A long vent along the roof peak, or ridge, is called a ridge vent. These vents are perfect for letting the heat escape while keeping the weather out. Heat moves out through the vent, but rain, snow, and ice are prevented from entering. Insects are also kept from entering under your roofing material by ridge vents. One of the benefits of vents running along the ridge of your mobile home is that they are virtually invisible to the untrained eye. It is almost impossible to see this ventilation system. This means you can maintain a comfortable, healthy home without anyone even knowing the ventilation system is there.

Static Roof Vents

Static vents have come a long way in aesthetics over the years. What was once a turning silver turbine ball atop every home is now reduced to a modest dome or square that blends in with the color of the roofing material. Static roof vents are still a good option for mobile homeowners because they are effective in letting out heat while protecting from the elements. Heat that has built up under the roof can cause damage to the material and structure of your roof. Static vents allow the heat to push itself out into the atmosphere. Basic Components, Inc. carries a variety of styles of static vents. You can choose the color and shape of your vent. We also carry the Galvanized Dome- Powered Vent which forcefully removes the heat from your mobile home’s roof space.