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Ridge Vents

Modular Home Parts: The Importance of Ridge Vents

A ridge vent, for those who are unfamiliar, is exactly what the name sounds like: it's a ridge that fits over the peak of a roof to provide ventilation. As one of many modular home parts that serve a specific purpose, a modular home ridge vent is a vital piece of construction equipment for manufactured housing. Air that is trapped under the roof of a home can get very hot and humid, and in order to avoid mildew and help keep the temperature in the home comfortable, ridge vents are necessary additions in your modular home construction.

Purpose of a Ridge Vent

Heat accumulates under a roof, and it stays there until it can escape or diminish. While creating an opening in a roof may seem like the wrong thing to do, it is actually a way to use to let trapped heat escape. One effect of getting the heat out of an attic space is that it makes the room below it cooler.A ridge vent is one of many manufactured home parts that improve functions and add to comfort. Fitting over a slot in the peak of the roof, the vent prevents rain or snow from entering. Home owners can extend the life of a roof and shingles by reducing the buildup of moisture and heat in the attic. The profile of ridge vents for manufactured homes is low and difficult to see from ground level.

Reasons to Install Roof Ventilation

Heat collects in the area above the ceiling, even though the space is small. Some home owners have reduced the temperature 30 degrees or more with the installation of ridge vents for manufactured homes. Excessive heat damages shingles and tends to make replacement more frequent. Moisture often forms in the presence of heat that has no way to escape from a confined area, creating damage to roofing materials.Heating and cooling a home is the main cause of high utility bills, often amounting to 40 percent of the total, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Preventive measures that include using factory built housing parts designed to fit perfectly can help home owners reduce energy demands and save money.
Allowing air to circulate in the attic reduces the temperature there and in the interior of a manufactured home. Heat can escape through an opening in the roof, and ridge vents provide an effective release. Closing each end of the ridge vent prevents debris and moisture from entering. Ridge vents are an effective way to let heat escape from an attic.

Use BCI's Modular Home Parts for High Quality, Energy Efficient Housing

Manufactured home parts are designed to conform to industry specifications so that they can perform with efficiency. A small investment in ridge vents for manufactured homes can make a home more comfortable while saving on energy costs. If you want to learn more about our ridge vents for factory built housing, feel free to contact us and we'll help you choose the best ridge vents for your house!