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RV Roof Maintenance

Jan 14, 16 • Blog


Making sure that your RV is properly maintained can prevent a lot of major issues in the future. It is recommended that RV owners how to properly lubricate applications, clean the gear, inflate the tires and sanitize the tank. Good roof maintenance for RVs is also something that should be considered. If your RV roof maintenance isn’t done properly, this could lead to cracks or hole in the roof, which allows for leakage, rot or even mold to happen. Just a little water damage can end up costing you money.Here are four pieces of advise for proper RV roof maintenance.

How to Maintain an RV Roof

1. Inspect the roof for any cracks, holes or openings. Some people have used a leaf blower to perform RV checks for leaks. Be sure to tread carefully when working on the roof. There has been people who have gotten serious injuries from walking on it. Be careful if you’re dealing with wet surfaces while cleaning the roof. If your uncertain about how structurally sound your roof is, it is probably best to call a professional RV service for repairs.

2. Learn about the type of roofing your RV has. There are different materials used in roofing, like rubber, vinyl or fiberglass. Make sure you know what kind of roofing material your RV has because that will help you learn what is specifically needed to clean and perform repairs.

3. Find the right materials to make roof repairs. It is possible to use the wrong type of sealant for a roof, so make sure you have the right sealant. For instance, you should not use a silicone product for a rubber roof. Sealants are usually labeled with what type of roofing they are intended for. There are products out there that are compatible for all sorts of roofing materials. Butyl tape used with Dicor 501 LSW lap sealant can be applied to any roofing materials.

4. Clean your roof thoroughly. In some instances, you can use just water and regular household soap to clean your roof. For more heavy duty cleaning, you should buy roof cleaner products to get rid of the hard stains that are caused by mold, mildew and water damage. Be careful about what kind of cleaner product you choose. Again, it needs to be compatible with the roofing material or it can cause some serious damage. For instance, products that contain petroleum solvents, citrus ingredients, or harsh abrasives are not generally recommended for rubber or vinyl materials.

It is recommended that you read and follow any instructions that come with a roof cleaner. The same advise goes for the sealant.

While roof maintenance for RVs may seem like a lot of work, it really isn’t once you get the hang of it. RV roof maintenance is worth it in the end if you are looking to prevent hundreds of dollars in damages. If you are still unsure about how to properly maintain an RV roof, or if you want help in other areas to properly upkeep an RV, there is always the option of hiring professional services for this.