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RV Travel Checklist For Your Road Trip

Jun 16, 15 • Blog

rv travel checklist

Hitting the open road in an RV is one of the best ways around to conduct a road trip during the summer months, so it makes sense to have an RV travel checklist prepared for any situations your mobile home may experience during these travels.

Bringing the Basics

At Basic Components, we know that whether this is your inaugural trip or you’re a veteran behind the wheel, having the basics around is an absolute necessity. These include food items, pots and pans, utensils, paper towels, trash bags, bed spreads, pillows and toiletries. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what goes into making a trip great, but forgetting those basics can put you behind even before you start.

Avoiding Major Messes

Perhaps the most basic thing you want are black water chemicals for your toilet, since it will be used throughout the road trip. Adding waste chemicals at the start of the trip helps to virtually avoid any nasty plumbing issues that surface.

Not only are these unsightly and hygienically dangerous, they can help avoid a large plumbing bill to get it fixed. Also make sure to get RV toilet paper, which is degradable, since using the standard version can result in clogging. Finally, disposable rubber gloves are something that are prized when either flushing or dumping the black water tank.

Keeping Things Safe

A first aid kit to take care of any cuts, bites or other issues that might require some treatment. A flashlight, some matches and everyday tools should also be added.

Some more important items in that area include a fire extinguisher, butane extension cord, pair of pliers, a wrench and a sewer hose fitting. The extension cord should also be joined by an adapter to make sure that anything needing to be plugged in can be accommodated.

Always Be Prepared

Having extra bulbs or fuses on hand will help you avoid either being stuck somewhere or having to make a special trip to pick up new ones. It’s very likely you won’t need it, but since no one can determine when a light will burn out or a fuse will blow, preparing for the inevitable seems to be the most prudent course of action.

For an older RV or mobile home, the issue of parts of the vehicle coming loose can sometimes be an issue. However, it’s something that can be quickly addressed by bringing along items such as caulking and adhesive material that can quickly turn an unsightly or potentially dangerous area of the vehicle back to its original state.

In the eventuality that the flooring as a whole or small portions of it become loose, damaged or simply need to be replaced at some point during your travel, you’ll truly be thinking ahead if you have some replacement tiles stored away. At Basic Components, we’ve seen situations like this develop over the course of our three decades in this business, so we know it never hurts to be prepared for the unexpected.

Happy Trails to All

So when the urge strikes you to get in your mobile home and go on a road trip, remember these tips, since Basic Components wants your travel to be as trouble-free as possible.