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The Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Jan 31, 17 • manufactured homes
Manufactured Homes

The type of residence that a person lives in can be a testament to their personality, their current economic status or be related to their current stage of life. In addition, the size of a home doesn’t necessarily have to determine the level of happiness someone has for what they believe is important to their life.

People who live in manufactured homes take advantage of the many benefits that come with this unique approach to living. It’s obviously not for everyone, but for those who have such residences, the appeal is clear.

Below are just some of the reasons living in these homes can be beneficial:


Finding a home that offers peace and quiet in a safe and welcoming community usually means paying a premium. That’s not an issue with a manufactured residence, since the price for one is probably half of what you’d pay for a traditional home.

Fast Construction

One of the key reasons for that reduced price is the fact that the home isn’t built on site, battling whatever elements happen to be present. That expedites the completion of the job.Another factor is the fact that all of the materials are purchased together, which lowers the cost of materials. Finally, the ability of a precision-based, assembly line approach improves the efficiency of the build and gets it done quicker.

Easier Financing

Getting a standard home loan can sometimes be a burden, with banks sometimes more stringent with their qualifications to obtain a loan. In many cases, the manufacturer of your home will have a financing plan in place and can work with you to make sure that an amenable plan can be worked out that works best for everyone.

Improved Safety

Manufactured homes have often been derided as being unsafe for anyone during instances of severe weather. Horror stories of homes being destroyed because they simply can’t withstand hurricane-force winds or other dangers are usually offered as evidence. The truth is that governmental regulations are much more protected against high winds and the possibility of a fire.

Room for Amenities

Another stereotype that lives on with homes like these is the belief that what ends up getting built is a bare-bones structure that can only fit in the basics. The truth is that many of the things that find their way into a traditional home also can be built within this type of residence. Kitchen appliances like refrigerators and stoves, walk-in closets for your bedroom or even things like a whirlpool to kick back and relax.

A Good Investment

Assuming that a home like this is kept up with regular maintenance, there’s no reason that you won’t be able to maintain its market value. One of the key factors in maintaining that value, just like a traditional home, is that location can be everything. Having your home in a place with good people around and all the necessities nearby can help make it more viable if you choose to sell it at some point.

Having access to supplies to maintain your home will go a long way in providing that maintenance. When you need different things like adhesives or sealants to fix something, or you want to add or replace a faucet, floor or roof, make sure to remember the name of Basic Components. We know our way around manufactured homes and can make your living experience that much better. Feel free to contact us today to find out all about the value of manufactured housing.