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The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Dec 22, 14 • Mobile Home Flooring

Mobile home and RV vinyl flooring can often be one of the most overlooked aspects of that unique living experience. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enhance the surroundings with luxury vinyl tile, and do it at an economical price.

A Price-Friendly Product

Getting durable flooring that exudes the look of real wood and stone may give individuals pause, thinking that such a vision is out of their price range. That’s because installing the real thing can indeed end up saddling the buyer with a huge bill.

Installation Process and Added Benefits

Luxury vinyl tile flooring also sounds as if the installation process will be messy, complicated and require additional costs. On the contrary, it can be handled quickly through the use of a spray-on adhesive that bonds to the floor. That type of sturdy hold remains in place for years.

One of the subtle benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring installation is that anyone who comes to visit the remodeled surroundings will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between vinyl flooring and the real thing. That enhanced appearance gives off a relaxed vibe, making an RV or mobile an oasis of serenity.

Different Choices Abound

Such choices include natural-looking varieties like Ceramic, Quarry Stone, Slate, Tuscan Slate or Desert. Each has its own appeal, and can blend seamlessly with the individual surroundings. The easy clean up capability of this tile and the ability to avoid scuffing are more feathers in the cap for an individual who decides to take this step.

Who to Call

Basic Components has offices in Mansfield, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, and can ship anywhere in the continental United States. Just call us to get the ball rolling so you can enjoy the benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring for your RV or mobile home. It’ll provide that special touch that will make the surroundings shine.