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New Mobile Home Flooring Options

Aug 7, 14 • Mobile Home

Mobile homes are great for so many reasons. They are affordable, manageable, and can be completely customized to incorporate high-end style, affordably. Due to their smaller floor size, creating a gorgeous home is as easy as selecting the perfect new mobile home floor option that is both attractive, durable and long-lasting.

The Benefits of Vinyl

Trends related to home flooring options are as diverse as the style of each home they are made to improve. New options like improved vinyl composition tiles and innovative luxury vinyl tiles are both easy to install, attractive and an excellent choice for mobile home flooring.

Why Vinyl

Whether home owners are do it yourself, DIY savvy or installing mobile home flooring for the first time, vinyl tiles are a great way to go. Vinyl flooring is resilient, comfortable and are budget-friendly. Vinyl differs considerably from traditional linoleum because it is man made and almost half the cost to begin with. Moreover, vinyl is one of the simplest flooring materials to install since tiles are easily arranged and secured side-by-side without requiring any type of sealing or waxing.

Selecting a new mobile home floor means drastically improving the appearance of your mobile home without the burdensome time commitments and typical expenses associated with achieving such excellent results. In other words, getting the most bang for your buck is what it’s all about.

Start with Flooring First

Many mobile home owners are under the impression that completing a project with flooring adds the finishing touch to a space. While this is true, and a beautiful room does require a completed floor, sometimes starting a project by envisioning your ideal mobile home flooring will allow a design to be more cohesive and fit well with the home’s style overall.


Vinyl flooring is made up of environment friendly materials and is easily replaceable if damage occurs. Luxury vinyl tiles, LVT improve a mobile home’s value and is available in a large variety of color choices. From rich terracottas to Tuscan slate, each beautiful, stone inspired tile is truly a work of art. Walking on luxury vinyl tiles and enjoying your home with its updated flooring will offer many years of enjoyment.

As practical as it is attractive, vinyl composition tiles, VCT are also low-maintenance, cost savvy and are an excellent choice when it comes to balancing budget with beauty. Tiles are available in light, natural nougats and an array of whites or beige tones.

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