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Important Modular Home Parts – Roofing Underlayment

Aug 16, 13 • Modular Home Parts

Modular Home Parts Roofing Underlayment | Basic Components Manufactured Home Supplier

As a modular home parts company, we’ve compiled a lot of expertise on manufactured homes and supplies. We’d like to pass on helpful tips whenever possible to save time and money for anyone who is new to the world of modular homes, and so we’d like to go over a few of the details regarding roofing underlayment and its importance.

Manufactured Home Roofing Underlayment

Modular home roofing underlayment is essential when it comes to modular home parts. For anyone who is about to embark on the purchase of a modular home, whether it is new or an existing home, be sure to inquire with the manufactured home supply company about your modular home roofing underlayment. Don’t skimp or overlook one of the most important modular home parts, and our answers to the commonly asked questions below will explain why:

What is modular home roofing underlayment?

Modular home roofing underlayment should be a standard part of the package from any manufactured home supply company. It is a type of insulation that is put in place as an added measure of protection for the underside of the roof. Manufactured home supply companies can use a variety of materials for modular home roofing underlayment, such as a type of heavy paper, plywood with bonded paper in the middle, or shingles. If you have purchased an older modular home, you can inspect your roof to determine if modular home roofing underlayment is in place. If there is no underlayment or you believe it is not up to par, you can order modular home parts from a variety of sources, including manufactured home supply companies.

Why is modular home roofing underlayment important?

Modular home roofing underlayment is one component in a comprehensive set of modular home parts that addresses the integrity of the roof. Manufactured home supply companies of the best quality will address every aspect of roofing, from gable trim, to the ridge cap, the eave starter, the roof panels, and whatever type of roofing is used, such as metal or shingles made from a variety of materials. The roofing underlayment will reduce condensation beneath the roofing materials and avoid the potential for serious damage.

Any More Questions About Modular Home Parts?

As you continue your modular home construction or renovation, don’t forget to make sure your modular home’s roofing underlayment is intact and in good shape. If you have any questions about underlayment or any other important modular home parts, feel free to contact the manufactured home supply experts at Basic Components!