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5 Benefits of Building Custom Modular Homes

May 22, 20 • Modular Homes

The choice to build a home is exciting, yet it can also serve as a challenge. What type of home you want to be built, where you want to live, and how fast do you want to move in are just some of the aspects to consider when making such selections. When it comes to custom-built modular homes, there are certain benefits attached to this enticing prospect that can’t be ignored.

Below are five reasons that come when you decide to build your new dream home.

Basic Comp Modular Home

Variety of Options with Custom Modular Homes

Options in all facets of the building process are available, regardless of the actual size of the residence. Floors and countertops can be installed by professional builders, with a homeowner’s personal tastes and budget is taken into consideration.

The end result is that there’s really no option that’s off the table when it comes to the design of a home. Freedom like that allows individuals with creative imaginations to see their vision come to life, all because they were willing to do something that might ordinarily be considered out of the norm when it comes to home buying.

Building Speed of Modular Homes

Getting a home built can seemingly last forever and can be subject to a particular region’s weather. With a custom-built modular home, such issues can be eliminated and you can move into your home much more quickly. For example, all the different areas of a home can be built simultaneously before then being put together.

In addition, the damaging effects that inclement weather can have on the building products or other areas, as well as the possibility of theft of materials, are issues that won’t impede on the steady progress in getting such structures built.

Financial Friendly Custom Modular Homes

These homes are built in a controlled environment, so the builder can purchase items in bulk. That includes items available from Basic Components and allows for price savings that can be passed on to the buyer. This can help avoid sudden price changes in the market.

Also, because the planning for this home all takes place before any construction begins, there’s no worry about any changes being reflected on the final cost of the structure. Such occurrences can be jolting reminders of the value of modular buildings.

Energy Friendly Modular Homes

In contrast to homes that are built with gaps that allow for energy to escape, thereby driving up the cost of your monthly bill, these homes are built to exact specifications. This allows for all of the cool air from an air conditioner or the heat from your HVAC unit to stay within, allowing you to receive full value.

Environment-Friendly Homes

All of the material that gets used during the construction of a standard home can end up leaving plenty of trash that will end up in a landfill. With modular homes, a steep reduction in the amount of trash is coupled with an eye toward recycling that reduces such messes. In addition, another cost containment feature is that the price paid to remove all the additional trash isn’t tacked on to your final price.

How Basic Components Helps with Custom Modular Homes

Basic Components sells a number of items that can help with the build of custom-built modular homes, including adhesives, flooring, and roofing. We’ve been around for more than 30 years and our products help deliver the results you’re seeking, So when you’re thinking about building this type of home, make sure to call us at Basic Components.

Originally posted on March, 7th 2017, this blog has been updated to reflect the most current information.