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The Difference Between a Modular Home and a Mobile Home

Modular homes and mobile homes share many things in common. Both are built off-site in a factory, both are available in a broad array of designs and both are affordable home buying options. There are some important differences between the two, however, including the way that they’re manufactured and transported. The following information can help you tell the difference between a modular home and a mobile home.

Manufactured Homes

Today, mobile homes are more commonly referred to as “manufactured homes.” They are constructed in factories and are transported in one or more sections to the installation site on a permanent chassis that doubles as the home’s foundation. Although manufactured homes offer endless possibilities for customization, most come in standard, single-, double- and triple-wide sizes. The chassis foundation also means that the homes can’t support more than one story. While they tend to lose value more quickly than other types of homes, they’re one of the most affordable home options on the market.

Modular Houses

Like mobile homes, modular homes are built off-site in a factory in separate segments, but the sections are transported to the site on flatbed trucks. Unlike manufactured homes, they are subject to the same standards, building codes and quality-control requirements as traditional homes. Because they must be able to withstand any structural stress that may occur during transportation, they can actually be stronger than homes constructed on-site.

Although most modular structures are built under assembly-line conditions, they are highly customizable. Because they’re installed on a foundation or basement, they can have more than one story. Some modular manufacturers will even build homes based on custom architectural designs. As most financial institutions treat modular houses the same as conventional homes, they follow the same market-value trends and are easily refinanced.

Construction and Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling or making improvements, the difference between a modular home and a mobile home shrinks in significance. Both modular and manufactured homes can be personalized with upgrades that suit the tastes and lifestyle of the people who inhabit them. With either type of home, you’ll need parts, materials and supplies that fit your specific needs to keep your project on track. Having a reputable modular home parts supplier in your list of contacts can help keep you on schedule and under budget.

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