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How do Modular Homes Compare to Stick Built Homes

Jun 16, 16 • Modular Homes

Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes

People who are planning to build new homes have a variety of options than style, size, and materials. The method of construction is also a complex choice as the modular buildings rise in numbers. In this post, we will discuss the main differences between modular homes Vs stick built homes. The modern modular homes can be distinguished from stick-built houses easily because they are less expensive than the stick-built houses. They are called stick houses because they are constructed out of sticks or lumber. The prices for the modular homes are lower compared to the stick-built houses.

Construction costs of Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes

The total cost of constructing a modular home is 10 to 20 percent less than the stick constructed homes. This is because setting up a modular house will take less time than the stick-built homes. A modular home has pre-cast and pre-cut parts that are assembled after delivery. These parts are delivered to the construction site and the crew assembles the house. The entire process of transporting, assembling, and moving into the new house will take less than two months. On the other hand, a stick-built home will require more builders to construct a new house. After the frame has been erected, the crew will then proceed to sheath the outer part in plywood, drywall the interior of the house, and finish up the exterior with clapboard or any other finish. The long construction duration exposes stick-built homes to bad weather and can weaken them.

Kits and building codes of Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes

A modular home may come in a kit that has a price on it. However, the price will vary depending on the size and manufacturer. Some kits will cost as little as $14,000 for a basic housing while others will cost over $100,000 for higher –quality and customizable units. Modular homes should meet all the building codes that are met in stick-built homes. These codes include UBC and BOCA among others.

Cost comparison of Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes

The cost for Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes varies from one region to another. In the year 2007, a group of builders estimated that the total cost of a modular house in the Northeast part of the country was $100 to $125 per every square foot. On the other hand, stick-built homes cost $180 to $200 per square foot. Although prices in the South, Southwest and Midwest can be lower, there is a comparable difference all over in square footage costs.
Resale value

Although the modular homes are less expensive when compared to the stick-built homes, the traditional homes may hold their value for a longer time when compared to modular homes. Similar to automobiles, the value of a house will decrease over time rather than appreciate as is the case in stick-built houses. In a few areas, a lot of stigma has been attached to modular homes. However, this will change over time as more people adopt technology. The resale value of a modular house can be similar to that of a stick-built home depending on the area. In the Southwest, the resale value of modular homes is similar to that of traditional homes due to the high number of constructed modular homes. Higher quality modular homes will retain their value for a long time while the lower-quality homes depreciate much faster.

Designs and floor plans of Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes

High-quality modular homes can be highly customized both in the interior and exterior. Modular builders can design your home from scratch. On the other hand, the stick home constructors have a variety of sample plans and can provide sample designs that you can use. There are also many architects when compared to modular homes that you can hire to design your home to fit your preferences.

Although the stick constructed homes will always have a place in the construction industry, the numerous advantages that come with modular building means that these homes will become popular in time. Many home builders agree that in a few years, modular homes will be considered as standard homes as opposed to stick-built homes.