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Motor Home Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 28, 14 • motor homes

Motor homes are a joy to own for many reasons. It gives owners the opportunity to explore the world without leaving the comforts of a nice clean bed, a warm shower, and dependable heating and cooling. Families spend many quality hours together, and individuals enjoy their alone time. If it has been a while since your last motor home remodel, you may be neglecting one of your most precious investments. When it is time to give your motor home some TLC, you can find the motor home supplies you need at BCI.

Give Your Motor Home a Makeover

The floor of your motor home gets the most wear and tear. A floor that is faded that has lost its texture may be a sign of memories made, but you will be shocked at how a new floor can help make it look like you just had an entire motor home remodel. Monitor your floor and replace it if you notice it becomes worn or damaged. Also, the flooring that comes in some motor homes is dated in a year’s time. BCI has flooring that comes in classic styles and colors. You can choose from our luxury vinyl tiles that are made to resemble stone tile such as slate and porcelain. We also sell composite tile which come in classic colors like tan and white. All our tiles are easy to install, easy to clean, and durable for the many camping trips you and your family enjoy every year.

Regular Maintenance is the Key to a Long-Lasting Motor Home

Many people own motor homes, but too few people perform the necessary routine maintenance. To keep your motor home looking new and running smooth, always make sure the windows and doors are keeping out water like they should. Also, vents need to have tightly sealed seams in order to keep any pests out. Make sure you check your seams regularly and before each trip. BCI has the caulking you need for both interior and exterior projects on your motor home.

Specific Products are Crucial for Motor Homes

When repairing seals, updating flooring, and doing other maintenance on your motor home, it’s important to find a company that has experience specifically with motor home parts. While your local hardware store may sell quality material for your home, they may not be suitable for your motor home. BCI’s products are made for the specific needs of our customers. We have products that are made to keep your motor home in top condition all year round.

In Fixer-Uppers, Quality Motor Home Parts are Essential

Some of our clients buy older motor homes and fix them up. These are sometimes individuals who found a great deal. Sometimes, they are contractors who sell classic motor homes after a good ole’ motor home remodel. Those of our clients who spend many hours fixing up motor homes will not trust any other company for their motor home supplies. They appreciate our dependable delivery, our affordable prices, and our honest service.

When you are ready for a remodel of your motor home’s interior, BCI can get you the motor home parts you need. Call BCI for more information on our quality parts and service today at (800) 452-1780.