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Mobile Home Adhesives

Mobile Home Adhesives

The longer you own your mobile home, the more likely it is to require delicate repairs. If you move your mobile home around, chances are something is eventually going to break or fall apart. This is especially true if the mobile home you are moving around is old and is already starting to show significant signs of wear and tear. But when you are stuck in a situation where you have to do some major repair on your mobile home or even minor touch up work, chances are you are going to need to have various types of mobile home adhesives around for the job. Let us talk about these adhesive substances and how they are used.

Types Of Adhesives To Choose From

When it comes to the various types of adhesives used in mobile home repair, there are three types that are generally employed to remedy everything from minor cosmetic issues to major structural issues. These types of adhesives are as follows:

* Spray Adhesives: Spray adhesives are particularly useful in situations where you have a loose wall panel that you want to rehang to improve the cosmetic appearance of your mobile home. They can be used to cover a large surface and hence provide your wall panels with the support they need to remain fixed in place.

* Caulk Adhesives: Has your mobile home sprung a leak in the roof? Or, maybe you need to reseal the tub? In such cases, caulk based adhesives are an excellent choice, preventing problems with water damage down the road. Failure to prevent leaks in your mobile home will not only cause wooden surfaces to rot, but this can allow mold to get into cracks and spaces it should not be getting into as well. Properly caulking and sealing leaks and places where water might otherwise seep through is imperative to ensuring that your mobile home remains in tip top condition.

* Construction Adhesives: If you have a heavy duty project, such as window repair, or replacing a kitchen cabinet in your mobile home, then you are going to want to use a construction adhesive to ensure that the finished project is both sturdy and stable. Using an adhesive that is not designed to handle the strain and stresses placed on the structure of a mobile home is never a good idea. Consequently, it is important to gauge how durable your adhesive needs to be before trying to figure out if you can employ the use of a lesser strength adhesive on a given mobile home repair project.

Why Use Mobile Home Adhesives?

One major reason to use mobile home adhesives is because you want an adhesive substance that is designed to not shrink or crack–especially when you are engaged in moving your mobile home from one place to the next. It would truly be disastrous if you were moving your mobile home and things started falling apart because you used the wrong adhesive substances throughout. If changes in temperature causes the adhesive you use to shrink or crack, this is simply going to cause you more headache and expense down the road. It is important to note that adhesives specifically designed for use in mobile homes are often necessary in tight spots. Adhesives are also a better choice in situations where using nails would create structural weakness or damage.

Now that you are more familiar with the various types of adhesive substances and how they are used, feel free to purchase the adhesives you need from our product categories. If you find that you are uncertain as to which adhesive substance would be best for the type of mobile home repair project you are planning to do, then be sure to contact Basic Components for additional information and help choosing the right product for your needs.