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Get More Out of Your RV with the Right Accessories

May 31, 16 • RV accessories

An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a fun and economical way to travel. However, an RV by itself often lacks many comforts of home. This is why RV accessories are an important consideration for RV owners. Accessories for RVs are available to suit any need, from practical necessities to luxurious comforts to items that are unusual or just plain weird. The right accessories can turn even the plainest RV into a mobile hotel room.

Basic and Essential RV Accessories

The most useful accessory for any RV owner is a generator. Considering that campsite electricity hookups can cost $20 per day or more, a generator can pay for itself in a matter of months. A generator also allows campers greater freedom in where they camp, which saves money and creates more opportunities for adventure. Most generators for RVs use diesel or gasoline to create electricity, but solar panels are becoming a popular option too.

Another very practical RV accessory is an outdoor awning. Awnings attach to the outside of the RV and fold flat for travel. When the RV is parked, the awning can be raised to provide shelter from the elements so that RV dwellers can enjoy eating, playing or resting outdoors in any weather.

Television and internet access are important to many RV owners, especially those who work from their RVs. This means a satellite dish is a must-have accessory. While the dish itself is usually provided by the satellite company, mounting the dish on the RV is an important consideration because of the rough conditions the dish will be exposed to on the road. It might be tempting to go with the cheapest mounting plate available, but investing in a sturdy, durable mount ensures that the RV owner will not have to spend money to repair or replace a satellite dish.

Accessories that Bring Luxury and Comfort to RVs

There are many ways to make an RV feel more like home with the right accessories. Choosing curtains and bedding in quality fabrics and attractive colors is an easy way to bring comfort to any RV. Kitchen appliances for RVS, such as microwaves, blenders, and refrigerators, create comfort and save money on eating out.

Some accessories go beyond the comforts of home to turn an RV into a luxurious paradise. One of the most popular luxury accessories for RVs is a hot tub. Many RVs are made with built-in hot tubs, but they can be purchased as an add-on too. Another must-have accessory for RV owners who crave luxury is a big screen television. OLED screens are the best choice for RVs due to their light weight and low power consumption. There are also weather-resistant options that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Unique and Unusual RV Accessories

There are many unique accessories for RVs on the market. One such accessory is the portable campfire. Most campers make their campfires with some sticks and a match, but many campsites do not allow campfires due to the risk of starting a wildfire. Portable campfires use propane and ceramic logs to create a safe and realistic campfire that starts up in seconds. Plus, there is no smoke or ash to worry about, which means less clean-up.

Another unique accessory is the spill-proof pet dish, which allows pets who travel with their owners in an RV to have food and water available while on the road without messy spills. Some dishes have covers that need to be removed in order for the bowl to be used, but others use smart designs that allow pets to access the bowl’s contents without spillage.