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Top 5 RV Supplies to Get You Through Cooler Months

Oct 11, 13 • RV accessories, RV parts

There are many reasons to use an RV in the off-season. Hunting, skiing, winter snowshoeing and snowmobiling are more enjoyable with an RV close by. A handy place to warm up or spend the night is always nice to have. Check out these winter RV supplies for your RV.

Winter Skirting

As a result of our experience, we know there are RV supplies to keep your RV in operation during the fall and winter months, but it’s best to prepare in the late summer or early fall. The obvious RV supply to acquire right at the start is quality skirting to wrap the bottom of the RV. Good skirting snaps onto the RV body and zips together so the bottom is snug as a bug. Tent stakes secure the bottom in case a nasty winter wind comes up. Good skirting also allows for openings, whether for the sewer hookup or the trailer hitch.

Air Conditioner Heating Unit

Winter is hardly the time to think about air conditioning, unless you can convert the air conditioner into a heater unit. With an air conditioner heating unit, the same feature that keeps you cool in the summer can keep you toasty warm in the winter. The heater installs directly into the air conditioner, so it is no hassle to get your unit up to speed. Use the propane tank for the stove and hot water heater, and save money when you have this RV supply on board.

Tank Wraps

You may want to add indoor plumbing to your list of winter RV supplies. Insulate the tanks before it gets real cold. The best RV supply for this is a tank blanket. Tank blankets are effective. Buy one for each tank. Who doesn’t want to use the toilet, shower and sink, regardless of the weather, and tank blankets are great enablers. With instructions, the owner can install the blanket. Tank blankets are electrical heating blankets that work by heating the contents of the tank through conduction. The blankets plug into any RV outlet.

Flexible Sewer Hose Support

Experts say the plumbing must run downhill, and with a floppy hose like the RV sewer line, this is an obvious problem, especially when the thermostat drops and the flow starts gumming up. Without RV supplies like a flexible sewer hose support system, you may as well forget using the indoor plumbing. The RV supply support unit is so simple because the goal of the system is so obvious. With our RV supplies, you’ll have your system up and running perfectly. The low maintenance of the supports may just be the best feature.

Snow Shovel and Broom

When you’re winter camping, you never know when a nasty blizzard will strike. Check your RV supply list for a snow shovel and broom. After condensation, snow is the biggest moisture threat to your RV. When there’s three feet of snow on the roof and on the pop out, you will be glad you have the right RV supplies to push the snow off.

These are just a few items from your RV supply list to help you meet the demands winter Rving. With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy your RV the year round, even in cold climates.