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Modular Home Renovation: How to Install a New Faucet on a Sink

Jul 23, 13 • Modular Home Parts

Installing Modular Home Parts | Manufactured House Faucets | Basic Components IncLike other manufactured home parts, faucets go in and out of style. Although an old faucet might be working just fine, you might want to change out your old faucet with an updated, new faucet.

Lucky for you, modular home accessories from Basic Components are modern, chic, durable, and have a very affordable price tag. Once you’ve chosen your new faucet from our modular home accessories line, make sure you know how to remove the old faucet and install the new one efficiently and safely by following our guide below:

How to Remove an Old Faucet

Every installation job starts with the removal process. To begin removing a faucet, make sure you’ve turned off your water supply. Once you’ve turned the water off, open the tap to allow the water to completely drain out from the lines. This will also remove any kind of water pressure.

After making sure you won’t accidentally flood your bathroom with water, use a wrench to disconnect the cold and hot water supply lines that are running to the faucet. Make sure to disconnect the water supply lines at the base of the faucet. A bottom mounted faucet can be taken out from the upper part of the sink. This is done through removing the escutcheon and faucet handles.

To remove a top mounted faucet, you’re going to have to get under the sink. If you’re lucky, you will be able to use locking pliers and a slip joint to loosen up the nuts. You can also utilize a basin wrench.

After you have removed the hardware that secures the faucet, you should lift it up and away from the sink. Slide your utility knife carefully around the faucet to cut it loose if you find some caulking. if you don’t want to worry about scratch marks, you can also use a silicon remover, a product that is provided in most modular home supply stores.

How to Install a New Faucet

If the faucet you purchased is a bottom mounted faucet, hold it in place (get some assistance for this part, if needed) from underneath while you install the mounting nuts and washers. Once the faucet is secure and won’t drop out, make sure it is flush with the sink’s back before tightening the hardware. If necessary, run a tiny bead of silicon caulking around the faucet’s base to prevent leaks.

If your new faucet is top mounted, follow the same process with the small difference that you should use the silicone caulk before you place the faucet in the sink opening.

Once your new faucet is firmly secured to the sink, you can reinstall your water feed lines. At the same time, you should turn on the water supply while conducting a thorough check for leaks. Once you’ve confirmed there are no leaks and the water is running normally again, take off the aerator (the “screen” within the faucet head) turn the tap on and let the water run for two minutes. This will flush out any foreign objects that might have gotten caught inside the faucet and pipes. Once you’ve flushed the pipes and faucet, replace the aerator so that your water will run smoothly.

What to Do with Your Old Faucets

While you can throw an old faucet in the garbage, if the faucet is in good shape, consider donating it to a modular home supply store, like the Habitat for Humanity Restore. You can also post the used faucet on Ebay with any other manufactured home parts you’ve replaced to earn some extra money or defray the cost of your modular home renovation. As always, if you have any questions about modular home parts installation, we’re always available to help you out with your project, so don’t hesitate to contact us!