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Choosing the Best Mobile Home Faucet

One of the challenges of owning a mobile home is the need for appliances and hardware that goes far beyond what's under the hood at the front of the vehicle. Everything that might be found in a traditional home might also be found in a mobile home, such as mobile home faucets and special water heaters. One of the biggest issues that mobile home owners face is finding faucets for RVs and other parts that will actually fit in the space.

Take careful measurements

The first step in finding new or replacement modular homes faucets is taking a measuring tape or ruler to the space to figure out the measurements for absolutely everything around the installation point. Faucets for RVs are often somewhat smaller than mobile home faucets, even if the RV is a very large vehicle. Just about everything in a motorhome will measure a few inches or even centimeters smaller, even if the size looks the same to the naked eye. Although certain modular homes faucets might be as large as those in a traditionally built home, it's definitely not a good idea to buy a faucet without measuring it, even if it seems as though the fit would match just fine. Even if a faucet is marketed as a "standard size" or a "one size" type of fixture, there is a significant chance that it wouldn't fit in certain mobile or modular homes.

Be sure that your faucet will fit your sink

There are different types of faucets even beyond the different sizes that each motor home or mobile might require. Before looking for a replacement faucet, it's necessary to take note of whether a faucet has three holes (for a spigot and a hot or cold tap) or just a single hole (for an all-in-one design). There are many modern faucet assemblies that just have a single hole, but some older modular homes and mobile homes might have the three-hole design. Your design choices are also an important factor. At Basic Components, Inc. we offer a wide selection of faucets falling under two main categories.

Metallic Mobile Home Faucets

We offer a selection of metallic faucets that provide a sleek and modern touch and will cast a positive light on your bathroom or kitchen decor. View our metallic faucet selection

Non-Metallic Mobile Home Faucets

If you'd prefer a non metallic option, we have a number of excellent choices, and would be happy to help you pick out the right faucet for your needs. View our non-metallic faucet selection