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4 Innovative RV Remodel Projects

New Flooring for RV Remodel Project | Basic Components Great RV Renovations

Beautiful new floors replace the old carpeting, in Mac and Chris’ RV remodel project!

You don’t have to buy a new RV to create a comfortable vacation living space! With some creativity and access to an RV parts supplier, you can update and renovate your RV, customizing exactly to your personal preferences and increasing the comfort and attractiveness of your RV’s interior. Don’t believe us? Look at what these owners did with their RV remodels and how much they were able to accomplish with a bit of ingenuity and effort:

Mac And Chris

This RV remodel blog contains many pictures of their process. This couple changed many large aspects of their RV, including ripping out old flooring and replacing it with wooden laminate and tile. They also removed the dinette and other RV parts to put a custom made desk in it’s place. They utilized RV supplies to construct a wooden cabinet for their television. This renovation really changed the aesthetic of their home. You can see photos of their progress here.

Blue Jeans And Flip Flops

Blue Jeans and Flip Flops chronicles the evolution of a 1996 model RV. The RV was outfitted with the traditional floral wallpaper, dirty mini-blinds, and other RV accessories that were ill-fitting and unattractive. This blog explains in great detail how they managed to diy most all of their projects to turn their ugly RV into a thing of beauty. Some of the projects included new window treatments, a glass-tiled kitchen back splash, and re-purposing a cabinet to use as a media center. One of the coolest parts about this renovation is the owner’s thrifty use of materials as well as selling some of the old materials from the RV. They used money they made from their sales to put towards their RV and the project was a successful transformation! You can see pictures and their remodeling process here.

Goin’ RV Boondocking

This blog shows how it’s owners remodeled the space underneath the master bed. They decided that it was an amazing waste of space, so they removed the mattress and the RV parts of the existing bed frame and built a custom bed base. The base contains three cubical-type boxes which the owners utilized for clothing storage and RV supplies. This renovation solved a problem the owners were having with regard to space in an RV. You can see the bed transformation here.

Living In My Car

This blog is authored by a young woman who has made her RV her permanent home. On her blog, she shares a video of the improvements she has made to her RV accessories. One of the most noticeable changes included the painting of all the walls. She painted the walls a lovely shade of green, along with some artwork and other wall hangings. She removed the dinette set and replaced it with a comfortable chair. She remedied the site of the electrical hook-up from the dinette by constructing a wooden box which she displays some decorative items. Another change was the addition of curtains, addition of storage space, and making her sleeping bunk larger. One of the best things about this RV remodel project is that it shows that even a little effort goes a long way! You can see the video of this RV remodel here.

Have Your Own RV Remodel Project?

If you’re wanting to tackle your own RV remodeling project, we’ve got all the RV parts and accessories you need to personalize and update your space! Don’t hesitate to check out our products or contact us if you need anything for renovating your recreational vehicle!

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