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What Mobile Home Roofing Materials Are Best for My Home?

Jun 7, 23 • News
mobile home roofing materials

Planning a roofing project for your mobile home requires plenty of preparation and careful consideration. It’s essential to ensure you’re selecting the most suitable mobile home roof that suits your climate, budget, and needs. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that home... Read More

How to Hang Drywall in a Mobile Home

Jan 15, 23 • News

How to Hang Drywall in a Mobile Home How to hang drywall in a mobile home comes down to two basic choices. Remove all the existing wall panels and attach the drywall to the studs, or attach the new drywall sheets over the existing wall material. Both will give a satisfactory finish, but obviously,... Read More

Considerations For Choosing A Mobile Home

Dec 12, 22 • News

Considerations For Choosing A Mobile Home  Do you love to travel, enjoy adventure, and thrive on waking up in a new place daily? If so, an RV or mobile home living setup might be right for you. Finding a suitable mobile home option is the trick to getting this right and ensuring your experience is... Read More

Mobile Home Roof Maintenance

Dec 27, 19 • Home Owners, News
Mobile Home Supplies for Roofing

When you start talking about Mobile Home repair and maintenance, what better place to start than the top? This post was originally the first blog posted on the Basic Components blog when it first launched in 2003. Without any past posts, and with so many options, we weren’t sure where to... Read More

Mobile Home Remodeling 101: What To Know

Apr 16, 18 • News
Mobile Home Remodeling

Living in a mobile home offers a unique experience that allows a resident to enjoy much of the same surroundings in a different atmosphere. Like a convention home, the idea of mobile home remodeling is something that owners consider and often undertake. Understanding the nuts and bolts of this type... Read More

Installing Mobile Home Drywall

Mar 22, 18 • News
mobile home drywall

A number of different options when it comes to the walls of a mobile home exist for the resident of one. Those that choose to install mobile home drywall are most likely looking at it from the ease of its installation and from an economic perspective. In the latter case, any maintenance or repair... Read More

Choosing The Best Mobile Home Flooring For You

Feb 21, 18 • News
best mobile home flooring

One of the most integral aspects of any mobile home deals with the particular flooring that’s selected for a residence. Different needs and preferences will factor in that ultimate mobile home flooring choice, so it’s wise to make sure that the available options are considered during... Read More

Replacing Flooring In Your Mobile Home

Feb 12, 18 • News
best mobile home flooring supplies

Living in a mobile home is a unique experience that brings with it certain differences when it comes to replacement of a residence’s basic components. One particular area where this comes into play is when mobile home flooring needs to be removed, primarily because ignoring an issue that... Read More

Mobile Home Renovation Tips for 2018

Jan 18, 18 • News

The decision to remodel your home is something that often comes at the start of a new year, which means that such a decision is on the mind of homeowners in 2018. When that residence happens to be a mobile home, there can be important differences to take into consideration. Listed below are some... Read More

Vinyl Flooring In Manufactured Homes

Nov 15, 17 • News

When it comes to flooring in any sort of structure, the particular choice for manufactured home parts like this can turn out to be very important. That’s because of the visual impact created by this first impression when either a resident, employee or guest enters a specific area. Making the... Read More