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The Average Cost of a New Manufactured Home

Apr 11, 17 • News

The excitement of having a new home built can sometimes be tempered by the idea of the overall cost that’s involved with the entire process. In the case of a manufactured home, there can be equal parts interest and confusion because such homes are considered out of the ordinary by many in the real estate community. That has the potential to color the perception of exactly how much a home of this type would cost.

Basic Components sells supplies for those building manufactured homes and we can offer a sober assessment of how much you can expect to pay for a manufactured home. Listed below are key aspects that will be a part of the costs connected to a typical home like this:

Base Price

Modular home companies will have a set price on a residence, which means that this is the most basic model. This may be the first price quoted, which can sound too low, so it’s important to realize that other factors will need to be included in order to get a realistic final price.


Depending on where you plan on calling home, the cost for land may differ widely. One realistic rule of thumb is to expect to pay $20,000 per acre for that property, with a smaller area obviously costing less.

Size of the Home

The structure itself will be built to fit the land it sits on, which can mean those that want more of a home will have to sacrifice a yard area in the process. That might not be something a family with smaller children might consider. However, one estimate of the average cost here is to obtain the square footage and multiply each foot by $50.

Customizable Features

Areas of a home like the fixtures used, the flooring plan and type and the addition of different appliances are flexible sections that will add to the overall cost of a home, depending on the items involved. In addition, a new garage can require an investment of up to $25,000. Without the garage, this area figures to cost in the realm of at least $5,000.

Preparation and Foundation

The land a home sits on has to be prepared and a foundation poured in order to avoid costly problems down the road. In the latter case, opting for a full basement instead of a simple crawl space will add to the cost. Once you have a gauge on the land, base price and custom costs, this price figures to be approximately 20 percent of that combined amount.

Putting It All Together

All of the modules still need to be connected and hookups for things like water and electricity also need to be done, a process known as buttoning-up the structure. This total price could hover near $20,000 after all is said and done.

Fees, Taxes and Permits

There’s no way to escape taxes, though some states are more amenable in that area. However, transport costs, any connected fees and the permits required will add to the price, with a good estimate being at least $10,000 and likely more.

Doing Things Right

While such costs might seem imposing, standard homes will likely cost even more. Basic Components understands the need for many people to watch their budgets, which is why the products we offer are built to make your manufactured home last. So when the time comes that you’re looking for this type of home, contact us at Basic Components to get things going.