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5 Facts About Modular Homes That Will Impress Your Friends

Modular Homes Will Impress Your Friends | Basic Components Modular Home SupplyA modular home is built in a factory and moved to its final location when building is complete. The process is an interesting one and offers something that neither a “stick built” home nor a trailer can offer. Many people argue that a modular home is nothing more than a trailer without wheels. That could not be further from the truth – with advances in building materials, design capabilities and eco-friendly options, modular homes are now trendy, impressive options that homeowners can brag about to their friends!

5 Impressive Facts about Modular Homes

1. Modular Home Value Appreciation: A modular home may be built in a factory like a trailer, but, the difference between the two is that a modular home appreciates in value rather than depreciates. This fact means that the owner will gain equity in the home as time passes. Modular home owners can borrow against the equity in the home and turn a profit should the homeowner ever sell the property.

2. Firm Foundation: A modular home is laid on a firm foundation when it is delivered to its final location. The modular home parts are attached so well that the likelihood that the home will fly away in a wind storm is extremely low. Once placed on the foundation that has been laid, it is securely attached so that the home is safe in all types of severe weather situations. A person who owns a modular home is as safe as the neighbor who has a “stick built” house.

3. Low Cost: One of the most exciting facts about a modular home is that it costs far less to build than a “stick built” house. The price ranges between that of a trailer and a “stick built” house and offers the same, if not better, advantages than owning the other two types. Modular homes are spacey and comfortable without the hefty price tag that comes with traditionally built homes. It is an opportunity for people to own a home more affordably than what was previously available.

4. Two Halves Make A Whole: The modular home supply company delivers it in two halves. The modular home parts are brought in and placed on the foundation, then sealed together. The process can be scary to watch, but, for people who purchase one, it is also very exciting. Where there was previously just a foundation on a piece of land, a home is erected within hours.

5. Get Everything You Want: A modular home can take on any style the homeowner wishes. The structure is built to order, including the pitch of the roof, the color of the carpet and the type of walls. The walls are of particular interest because there is the choice of having drywall installed at the factory rather than the walls that are traditionally placed in trailers. Modular homes may come in cookie cutter styles, but, the final product is completely dependent upon what the homeowner wishes to change about it prior to manufacture of the home. Choosing from modular home accessories is the most fun part of the experience.

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Our modular home supply company has the ability to help families purchase the home they always wanted. Modular home accessories can be added or removed depending on what the purchaser chooses, which makes the home a unique experience for each homeowner. If you thought you couldn’t afford to buy your own home, you might benefit from looking into building a modular home. Give Basic Components a call and we’ll help you create a dream home that will be sure to impress your friends!

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