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Building Stronger With Modular Construction

Mar 17, 17 • News

One of the biggest myths when it comes to modular homes is that the process of modular construction is one that’s tainted by an amateurish approach to the job. The comparatively lower costs in such construction are dismissed by critics who charge that the homes are poorly constructed and are in imminent danger of collapsing.

The critics conveniently ignore a number of key factors that clearly show how modular construction offers a home that has the strength to withstand everything a traditionally-built home can offer and do so at a much lower cost. Some of the reasons that a modular home that uses products from Basic Components is actually stronger than its counterpart include:

Sturdy Consistency

Given the fact that these types of homes are constructed off-site before being transported and put together, such homes have to deal with basic travel concerns that a traditional home doesn’t. For example, a truck transporting a home will most likely hit a bump or need to hit the brake suddenly at some point along its journey.

Such twists and turns should be taking a toll on the integrity of the home, especially when combined with sometimes-harsh weather conditions faced during travel. Yet the clearest evidence that this isn’t the case is the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) indicated that modular homes hold up better in severe weather conditions than a standard home.

Wood That’s Good

Many builders use Basic Components products in conjunction with their work and are able to save money by purchasing in bulk. These businesses also order their wood for every modular home in large quantities, which means that lumber yards will pay closer attention to the wood that’s offered. The wood that’s then used will help enhance the integrity of your structure.

The strength is never compromised, even though much lower prices are paid for the wood. The simple reason for the reduced costs is again because these tend to be bulk purchases, so the cost per item is lower. In short, less expensive doesn’t always mean sub-standard.

Total Control of the Situation

Homes that are built in the standard way are vulnerable to weather conditions that can cause the materials to start deteriorating even before you move in the home or delay completion of the home building. The builders of a modular home don’t have to concern themselves with such things because the process takes place indoors and in a more assembly-line fashion.

That means that the same level of attention that standard builders give to ensuring the integrity of their homes is followed here. Plus, the opportunity to avoid delays or deal with damage from inclement weather is avoided.

The Inspection Process

Another misguided knock on the modular home industry is that their work doesn’t undergo the rigorous inspections that a standard home does. However, during each step of the building process, a quality control monitor makes careful inspections to ensure that proper compliance with all regulations is taking place.

A modular home must deal with everything that those structures built in the traditional manner face. Plus, these homes don’t have the luxury of being given an easement, which means that the trust factor is vital to this type of business.

The Only Choice

Basic Components has been offering products for use in modular construction for over 30 years. Our items help the quality of modular homes to surpass those of site-built structures, so make sure to contact us when you’re thinking of this approach.