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Choosing The Best Mobile Home Faucet

Sep 22, 17 • News

When the decision to buy a mobile home is made, most people primarily consider the aesthetic aspects of what they want. That component is important, yet one area that might get obscured during this time can be the choice of a mobile home faucet, considering most people take it for granted or aren’t all that concerned about the details involved.

As veterans in this industry, Basic Components knows this, which is why we offer the following tips on how to choose the best home faucet for your particular situation:

Sizing is Important

You may have all the necessary mobile home parts to have your faucet installed. However, if your choice is either too big or too small for what you have, you obviously have a problem. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to measure the selected area so that mistake never takes place.

To begin, finding the hot and cold water sources is then followed by marking the distance between the two options, which can range anywhere from four inches to some that span 16 inches. From there, measure from the center of each opening, with the standard hole size being 1 3/8 inches.

How Many Handles?

Choosing your mobile home faucet means deciding if one or two handles fits you circumstances. Each has a particular value, with the single handle version offering the prospect of easier installation and requiring fewer mobile home parts. On the other hand, going with the two-handle option makes for easier use once it’s installed.

That’s because adjusting water temperature can be important in certain situations. That means the quicker that adjustment can be made the better and with the two-handle, it becomes a much easier process.

Selecting the Right Spout

The size of the sink is one of the keys to figuring out which spout you’ll end up selecting. Choosing the standard spout when you have a smaller sink is best, though you’ll have to deal with one issue if it’s going to be in the kitchen area. That’s because cleaning large dishes becomes more problematic in these surroundings.

A high-arc spout can deal with that problem, yet it may end up splashing water all around. The best way to avoid such headaches is to make sure that the chosen spout is big enough to reach the entire sink, whether it happens to be either the double bowl or wide variety.

Choosing Between Sprayer and Pull

Regardless of which choice is made, either the sprayer, pull-out or pull-down needs to have a hose that can reach every section of your sink. The true value of the sprayer comes in the functionality it brings, which means that it will get plenty of use.

The pull-out will have a shorter spout but a longer hose, which can valuable if you’re in need of more flexibility or you have a double sink. For pull-downs, things like filling a pot up or rinsing it will be easier and tend to be the choice for those that want a deep sink.

Choosing Right

For over three decades, Basic Components has provided mobile home parts to its customers and delivered service that brings them back. Putting your faith in Basic Components in any facet of this particular sector is always the wise choice.

So whether you have a need for a mobile home faucet or any other part to make your surroundings more comfortable, we’re here and ready to help. Just call us today at 1-800-452-1780 or simply fill out the lead form on our website to get things started.