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Choosing The Best Mobile Home Flooring For You

Feb 21, 18 • News

One of the most integral aspects of any mobile home deals with the particular flooring that’s selected for a residence. Different needs and preferences will factor in that ultimate mobile home flooring choice, so it’s wise to make sure that the available options are considered during the decision-making process.

Whether undertaking the work of flooring on your own or using a professional to handle the job, having the proper items for any mobile home parts to perform the work is vital. At the very least, it ensures that the right steps are taken, which can help extend the lifespan of your flooring.

Below are the choices at your disposal when it comes to mobile home flooring:


Certain areas of a mobile home will see a great deal more traffic, which means that how durable the carpet is can determine if its a wise investment. The more dense it is will serve as a strong indicator about that durability, with this option one of the most popular when it comes to choice.

Other factors can include the particular color selection, with darker choices the best decision for sections that will inevitably get dirtier. The reason for this can involve the presence of children or simply the particular locale of the mobile home.


Another option for messy areas is to use laminate flooring because of the speed with which messes can be cleaned up. In contrast to its past image, this choice has seen an expansion of available selections, with the lower cost also offering some enticement to mobile home owners. The trick here is to purchase flooring that’s thick enough to avoid tears that can quickly result in replacements.


If you’re looking for a better option when it comes to cleanups, tile could work best. Within this choice are subsets like stone, ceramic and porcelain, all of which require a little more work when it comes to installation. One word of advice for stone is to make sure that get a strong sense of how much of it you’ll need for a job. Otherwise, your supplemental purchase could make the finished product look different.


A wide array of choices for wood comes with the drawback of a more expensive cost to install. The good news is that like laminate and tile, keeping things clean is easier. In addition, the lifespan for this choice will be a longer one.


When it comes to installation, vinyl beats linoleum because there’s less work involved with vinyl. In most cases, peeling and applying it to the floor is all that vinyl pieces require, with the cutting process also much easier. Regardless, both options are among the least expensive.

When it comes to luxury vinyl tile, the potential exists to have your flooring look close enough to stone, wood or ceramic that the average person won’t be able to tell the difference. Mix into this equation the different colors that are available and luxury vinyl tile begins to look like one of the best choices possible.

The Selection is Easy

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