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Choosing The Best Mobile Home Flooring

Jul 20, 17 • News

To the uninitiated, living in a mobile home might seem like a drastic change of lifestyle, yet the reality differs considerably from that perception. The ambience of this type of situation can elicit much of the same feelings as a standard living arrangement at a price that’s much more amenable to a family or individual’s budget.

The Value of Vinyl

When it comes to flooring within a mobile home, you generally can choose from vinyl and linoleum. This is another aspect that often brings about misconceptions, with the belief being that getting the best mobile home flooring available means settling for some bland or generic look that’s serviceable but won’t win any awards for style.

However, luxury vinyl tile is not only an option, it’s one that’s seen a surge in popularity in recent years. That’s true in both traditional housing and in the mobile home sector, with vinyl in general being less expensive to install. Even though it won’t last as long as linoleum, vinyl tile is likely to be good for close to two decades.

Important Options to Consider

One of the chief reasons that vinyl works best in a mobile home setting is that it’s much better when it comes to water resistance. Just from a choice standpoint, it also offers different options for the mobile home owner to consider, including in the areas of pattern or design.

In the latter case, choosing your luxury vinyl tile can offer a plank-shaped look or one that favors a rectangular or square appearance. When it comes to patterns, a choice between either wood or stone are the options.

Breaking down vinyl options even further means making a choice between vinyl composition and luxury vinyl, with the composition option more viable for RV units because of the fact that this involves flooring a vehicle. For the mobile home market, the luxury option is the choice since this is serving as an actual place of residence.

The Benefits

One of the things that makes luxury vinyl the best mobile home flooring option is the fact that it offers almost a feeling of a carpeted floor. That’s because it offers more of a cushioned impact on various parts of the body.

Other factors are more practical, primarily focused on the luxury vinyl’s ability to resist stains and stay clean. In the latter instance, the ease when it comes to cleaning it also serves as a key reason for its popularity.

Where to Go

Luxury vinyl tile is one of the options that Basic Components offers its customers, with their background in offering products for the mobile home, factory home and RV markets providing them a unique insight into what works best. They know that the ease when it comes to installation of luxury vinyl tile is enhanced further with the speed that the work can be performed when using spray adhesives during this process.

Basic Components has been around for more than three decades, a level of experience that means that their viewpoint is a trusted one in the mobile home industry. So when you’ve decided to choose luxury vinyl as your best mobile home flooring option, make sure you work with Basic Components to make it happen. Just contact us at 1-800-452-1780 or fill out a lead form on our website.