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Considerations For Choosing A Mobile Home

Dec 12, 22 • News

Considerations For Choosing A Mobile Home 

Do you love to travel, enjoy adventure, and thrive on waking up in a new place daily? If so, an RV or mobile home living setup might be right for you. Finding a suitable mobile home option is the trick to getting this right and ensuring your experience is comfortable and meets all your needs. Mobile home living has become a popular choice for couples, retired couples, and even young families now that working remotely is more popular. 

Before you choose this lifestyle, there are a few things to consider. First off, are you looking to be on the move every month? If so, a large RV is your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about finding a new place to settle in every couple of years, a mobile home will work and allow you more space to feel at home. Other things to consider include the gas cost and the power you’ll require in your home-on-wheels. 

A good plan upfront will help you make the best decision and ensure your time in your mobile home is restful. And if you’re still unsure, why not rent a mobile home or RV and try it out? This way, you can see how it feels and what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll have the chance to consider your day-to-day and the things needed to make the smooth transition to life in a mobile home or on the road. 

Before delving into the mobile home lifestyle, there are some factors to contemplate. This article dives into seven tips when choosing a mobile home and the considerations to make before taking the leap and living in a mobile home. 

A Functional Layout

Living in a mobile home full-time is quite an adjustment. It often requires a substantial downscale as these homes are much smaller. Since you will need to have enough space for everything, larger RVs or van conversions are your best bet for permanent residence if you’re traveling a lot. When choosing your new mobile home, it’s vital to check that you are happy with the layout, as this is the one thing that is tricky to choose. You’ll certainly want it to feel spacious and be able to meet all your needs. In addition, you’ll also want it to feel like home and, therefore, should think about your day-to-day and the kind of layout and space you will need to go about your daily life happily. For example, separating the bathroom from the eating area is a good idea or considering whether you’ll need a separate workspace or if the dining area can double up for this. Make sure you look at a few mobile home options to get ideas of flow, layout, and what will suit you and your partner or small family best. 

Ample Storage Space

The one feature that is often a top priority for those choosing to live permanently in a mobile home is storage space. This is not only to store all your possessions, but in such small living areas, you’ll want to be able to pack away one activity to make room for the next. If you have a few outdoor hobbies like cycling or surfing, remember to plan how you will be able to store these essential items. You’ll also need storage space for your supplies. For example, your kitchen and bathroom will need to be stocked. You may need supplies for your work if you are working out of the office. There are also emergency and mechanical supplies to consider and outdoor furniture you will want to extend your living area outdoors. Check whether the mobile home you have chosen has inside storage closets in many different sizes. If opting for an RV or van, there is also enclosed storage underneath the main cabin for things like fuel, water, deck chairs, and maintenance kits. What you need will come down to your hobbies and the size of your mobile home. The more cabinets for storage, the better — as long as it doesn’t take away from the living area’s space and layout. You want to be comfortable, after all. 

Travel Capability and Flexibility

Will you travel to one state each year and settle in an area, or will you travel off the beaten path every couple of days? Knowing how you intend on using your mobile home will ensure you purchase one capable of the terrain and extremes you need to push your vehicle. For example, a large RV will be challenging to take where there are harsh, unpaved roads or tight spaces. In this case, a smaller camper van may be the right option. Another point to consider is the number of people who will make use of your mobile home. If so, have you chosen a mobile home with enough room and storage space for all of your needs, and is the van itself able to power the weight capacity of your family/friends/partner? All mobile homes have a legal weight and passenger limit — with fuel and water tanks to boot, along with seat belts for each passenger when on the move. 


RVs and trailers are pricey upfront. Thankfully, their value will hold up over time. If you need to sell once you’ve finished your living on-the-road adventure, your loss will be negligible, and often sellers get very close to what they originally paid. Mobile homes, vans, and SUVs are often less expensive when buying but depreciate faster. However, when it comes to fuel, the van or SUV will be much more cost-effective than a heavy RV or trailer. It would be best to weigh what you will use them for before deciding which suits you best. If you own the land you place your mobile home on, the land itself will appreciate over time, making it a solid investment. 

Reliability and Maintenance

If you’re going to be traveling a fair bit, make sure you research the reliability and ease of maintenance of the vehicle you’re considering. A van or SUV will be reliable and maintenance easy to keep up with. On the other hand, a large RV is more complex in terms of maintenance, mainly due to its size. Remember to consider the type of seasons and weather you may be traveling to. You’ll need a reliable heating and cooling system depending on where you settle. You will also need to consider the cost of moving a mobile home every couple of years if that’s your goal. This will involve applying for permits and licenses too. 

Safety and Security

Mobile homes, vans, and RVs generally have limited security. Burglars can target mobile homes as they are aware that people store their valuables inside them. Ensure you put in some security measures that inhibit burglars. Start with multiple locks on your doors and storage spaces. Add some safety mechanisms to your windows, and a kill switch for your engine, so it can’t start it if they manage to get into your RV or van. This will create an excellent deterrent for theft. 

Important Vehicle Specifications

You need to test drive your choice of RV or camper van before purchasing — even if it’s brand new, but most definitely if it’s used. When test driving, take note of the suspension and whether the gearbox is working smoothly. If you don’t have any experience with mechanics, try and find a knowledgeable person who can tag along and drive the RV or van for you. You most certainly want to buy something that will get you safely to all the places you want to go without any serious hiccups. The battery systems and seals are two other essential aspects to check before purchasing your mobile home.

  • The battery system: A dual battery system is what you’re after. This will allow you to run all the power you need within your mobile home without draining the engine’s battery. Choose a deep cycle battery, as it delivers steady power over a long time. This type of battery also works well with solar panels. Another option to look into is having a power inverter to run the wall plugs and charge things like laptops.
  • The seals: Another factor you don’t want to discover when out touring is that your mobile home has a leaky ceiling. Make sure you thoroughly check all the windows, sunroofs, roofs, and doors to ensure all the seals are intact and not showing signs of weathering. If you’re buying a used vehicle, don’t hesitate to get up on the roof and check for bad patch jobs. You don’t want any air or water creeping in. This will ensure your home will be warm in winter and reduce the risk of wear and tear.

Now that you have some more insights into mobile home living, you can start your research and trust that your informed decision will lead you to the right home. Remember, functionality is vital when it comes to the mobile home lifestyle.

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