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Modular Home Modification Made Simple: Drywall Panels

Modular Home Repair How to Hang Drywall for Your Manufactured Home RenovationAnyone who is considering modular home repair or modular home renovation will find that there are plenty of projects involved that are ideal for the enthusiastic handyman. You may also find that a few of the projects you tackle require the need to hang new drywall. There is no need to call in the professionals, however. Hanging dry wall using a professional drywall adhesive is a job that almost anyone can perform because it does not require any kind of specialized tools of which to speak. With just a little commitment and a small amount of knowledge under your belt, hanging drywall with professional drywall adhesive during modular home repair will go smoothly and quickly.

Modular Home Repair – How to Hang Drywall Panels

Once you have determined the type of drywall that will be appropriate for the modular home renovation, you can measure the space that needs to be covered, and come up with an estimate of how many drywall sheets you will need. Drywall sheets are rather large, but the majority of supply stores will deliver to the home or work site due to the length of each sheet.

Place your fresh drywall out on a dry surface where you can do your measuring and mix the other materials that will be needed later for the modular home renovation. Mark the appropriate lengths so that you can begin cutting down the material. Remember, measure twice, cut once. Using a drywall saw (a particular type of blade), cut along your defined parameters with a T-square as your guide in order to ensure straight cuts. It is best to cut pieces as you work in order to prevent mistakes and waste rather than to cut all the pieces before you even begin hanging. You might also find it handy to have a keyhole saw when it comes to cutting out spaces for light switches and outlets.

You are now ready to attach the drywall sheets to your studs. Should your studs be metal, then hang the sheets vertically. If you are working with wooden studs, then it is best to hang them horizontally. Because it is difficult to screw into metal studs, you should apply a generous amount of professional drywall adhesive to the face of the studs that will make contact with the board. Most professionals apply the adhesive along with drywall screws regardless of the stud material, ensuring a secure surface. The screws should be drilled into the surface, placing one screw every four inches.

Almost Done with Your Modular Home Project!

Your drywall should now be hanging securely in place. The last step in this common element of modular home repair involves taping, sanding, and finishing the drywall surface. Wherever there is a seam or place where two sheets of drywall meet, you will need to apply a joint compound that is about four inches across, known as the tape coat. Place the drywall tape over this layer. Next, you will apply the drywall mud in order to smooth the surface and further secure the tape. Apply this material with a six-inch finishing knife in order to create the skim coat. Allow the mud to dry for at least 24 hours before you sand down the surface to achieve an nice, even finish.

Any More Questions About Modular Home Repairs?

If you’ve got any more questions about the products or processes of modular home renovation, feel free to contact Basic Components and we’d be glad to answer any questions!