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4 Reasons You Should Be Dreaming About Modular Homes

Jun 27, 13 • Home Owners, Modular Homes

Planning a new Modular Home with Basic Components Mobile Home SupplierModular homes are proving effective and comfortable places to live for a growing number of homeowners, both affordable in cost and rich in quality and design. With high quality modular home parts and modern features, a larger demographic is choosing to reside in the prefabricated buildings, enjoying the benefits of housing that is eco-friendly, efficient, well-designed and highly customized to each buyer’s needs. Still need some convincing? Let us explain 4 of the greatest benefits of pre-fab housing, and then you can make up your mind!

1. Modular Homes Offer Affordable Pricing Options

Modular homes are becoming the preferred living situation for many families because they offer pricing that is flexible and affordable. The modular home supply can often be as much as 20 to 30 percent of the cost as stick-built homes per square foot. For those who want to purchase a modular home as an investment, they increase in value over time at the same rate of stick-built homes. Many manufacturers also come with 10-year warranties, guaranteeing the structure of the home and its materials.

When it comes to price, there is no difference between appraising and financing a modular home compared to a stick-built home, making it easier for more residents to purchase the buildings.

2. Modular Homes Have Highly Customizable Features

Modular homes offer more features that can be customized to personal preference and taste to extents that far exceed what is customizable on traditional buildings. The process is usually easier and quicker to add additional levels and rooms, as much as 50 percent faster than adding on to a stick-built home.

Not only can buyers choose the square feet of their modular home, but they can also add specific modular home accessories that include decking options, specific floor plans, flooring, fixtures, and design elements.

3. Eco-Friendly Modular Homes Are Easily Available

Unlike stick-built homes, modular homes are built with green materials indoors, which prevents weather and environmental elements from affecting the internal structure of the building. This prevents many health risks that include mold, warped materials, and air infiltration.

Since modular home supplies can all be gathered and assembled at a faster rate, it reduces the amount of resources and fuel needed to transport materials. Also, since it is built in a controlled environment, there is reduced waste at the job site and less impact on the land.

4. Quicker Building Times with Modular Homes

The pace of building a modular home is substantially faster than an on-site building, allowing residents to move in six to eight weeks after the start of production. At times, a typical building with four modular home parts and customized modular home accessories can be completely built and ready to be transported in the span of a week.

Many people enjoy the advantages of less time waiting to move in, without waiting for traditional construction for stick-built homes that often takes an extended period of time. Because there is a deficit in construction workers for stick-built homes, the construction time often gets pushed back many months longer than expected.

Modular Homes Enable You to Dream Big

If you appreciate environmentally friendly buildings, clean and modern houses, or highly customizable homes, then a modular home will be your dream house! If you’ve recently bought a modular house and want to customize it even further, or if you’ve invested in a fixer-upper, contact Basic Components and we’ll help you achieve your goals.