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How To Apply Caulking to RV Windows

Jul 10, 15 • News

Caulking RV Windows

Protecting against the elements, especially moisture-related issues that could cause damage to an RV, can be achieved for vehicles through the process of applying the proper sealant to the windows through the simple use of a caulking gun.

Due to the investment that’s already been made in the vehicle, the staff at Basic Components knows that not addressing simple issues that could ultimately end up damaging RV parts and shortening the lifespan of the vehicle. Therefore, when undertaking this task, it helps to remember the following things:

Checking Things Out

Make a thorough inspection of the caulking already in place, because if it’s cracked or beginning to fall apart a potential leak could occur. Just like a regular home, the leaks will become evident, but even more so in an RV due to the thinner walls.

To start, use a putty knife or razor to remove the caulking that surrounds the potentially affected area, and don’t be afraid to use your hands to pull away any excess material. Follow that with cleaning the affected area, which will allow the application of whatever product is used to dry properly and achieve full effectiveness.

Proper Application

An important thing to remember is that prior to putting the tube of caulk in the gun, make sure to cut the tip of the tube and poke a hole in the protective covering within it. This is generally accomplished with a small screwdriver, but by doing this, you’ll be able to prevent wasting some of the caulk, which results because many people wait until the tube is ready to go in the gun before making that simple puncture.

Once the application is ready to begin, make a bead of about 6-8 inches, and then smooth the remaining portion around the window with your finger. In many cases, the average person puts on far too much, which not only wastes the product, but also makes for an unappealing look.

Potential Sealing Options

For the interior portion of the job, Basic Components can offer two different acrylic latex sealants, with the XtraBond 50 is different because it’s siliconized. For the outside, there’s OSI Quad Advanced Formula, which is paintable and stands up to pretty much anything Mother Nature throws at it.

The time will come when the foam seal around the window needs a new application, with options like XtraForm Handheld Adhesive and the Expanding brand available. The proper foam gun offers an adjustable control and a cleaner specifically for it will help with cleanup. In the latter case, this is important, since simply using paint thinner can damage the surrounding rubber.

The Name to Remember

Extending the amount of time your RV parts are in solid working order is the focal point of Basic Components’ philosophy, so when the time comes for some RV maintenance, you need to have a central place to find the right caulk and sealant for your needs.