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Mobile Home Renovation Tips for 2018

Jan 18, 18 • News

The decision to remodel your home is something that often comes at the start of a new year, which means that such a decision is on the mind of homeowners in 2018. When that residence happens to be a mobile home, there can be important differences to take into consideration. Listed below are some tips you’ll want to consider when the decision to undertake a remodeling is made:

A New Recipe for Your Kitchen

In some instances, a remodel may only emcompass a portion of the mobile home, while others are full-blown projects that demand having the very best mobile home supplies available. For example, some owners are seeking for a new look to their mobile home kitchen because of things like dated appliances or cabinets that look a bit worn.

Other potential choices can be a new lighting arrangement that embraces the idea of recessed lighting or a switch to a more energy-efficient setup. New countertops that give off a more vibrant appeal or looking to create a little more room inwhat can sometimes be a congested area are other possibilities.

Stepping Into New Mobile Home Flooring

It doesn’t matter what room you’re remodeling, your mobile home flooring is something that will always draw the eye of anyone making their way into your residence. Laminated flooring is an option that exudes an impressive look that ends up resulting in compliments on the finished job.

Making sure that flooring is installed in a way that both looks nice and is sturdy enough to last for a good length of time is important. That means making sure that mobile home supplies that might otherwise garner little attention like adhesives and caulks are selected with quality in mind.

Putting a New Roof Over Your Head

A mobile home is certainly not immune to the ravages of Mother Nature, with the wear-and-tear ultimately taking a toll on the roofing. Besides the potential havoc caused by a damaged roof, the aesthetic appeal of your home can be compromised without addressing the issue. Once again, those adhesives and caulks will be integral to making sure that your new roof can withstand the rigors of any barrage of inclement weather.

Opening Your Mobile Home Doors to a New Look

Renovations of any type of home may not necessarily focus on the area of doors, yet this is an area that should also garner some level of focus in the planning process. Ignoring this concept can lead to situations where the mobile home doors selected by the owner neither blend in with the new surroundings or offer an ill-fitting arrangement that might need some additional tweaks down the road.

The idea of putting in mobile home doors on your own isn’t a far-fetched plan, though any ideas of doing so should be handled by a qualified handyman at minimum. The reason many people attempt to go the DIY route is because these doors generally last only a short period of time in relation to the rest of your mobile home.

Looking to Basic Components for Assistance

Offering a new vision for your mobile home makes it more inviting for people to visit and Basic Components is ready to help. So whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, living room or is more narrowly focused on your mobile home flooring or doors, make sure to contact us for all your needs that involve mobile home supplies. Just call our office at 1-800-452-1780 or simply fill out the online form we’ve made available on our website. We have what you need.