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6 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Mobile Homes

May 2, 13 • Designers, News, RV parts
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Photo “Original Dwell Home” courtesy of Wieler.

You might think you know all there is to know about mobile homes, but we’re willing to bet that there are many qualities to modular homes that you haven’t considered yet. With the progression of modular home design and the constant development of quality mobile home parts, the end product is becoming more valuable, more environmentally friendly, and more appealing! Here are 6 facts about mobile homes that will get you talking:


1. Extendable
One of the great things about mobile homes is that they can be extended and customized. As a family grows or individuals find that they have more needs they can extend their mobile home as they wish. Extending a mobile home is far less costly than extending a traditional home and it can also be very simple.

2. Easier Repairs
Homes and even apartments often require repairs and these repairs can often be both costly and difficult Mobile home repair is comparatively simpler and most people can do it themselves simply by buying their mobile home parts online. Mobile home parts are very cheap online and there are many guides for mobile home repair available.

3. Cheaper
One of the primary reasons that many people go with mobile homes is because they are far cheaper than purchasing a home. This can be a great choice for someone who is on a budget or simply does not want to invest their money in a home yet. Buying a mobile home allows someone to stop renting and invest in property without having to make a huge commitment.

4. Mobility (Obviously!)
Mobile homes come with the option of moving, which can be perfect if the person or family buying the mobile home believes that they may be moving soon. With a mobile home it is simple to pick up and simply drive from state to state and that can be great for people who want a change of scenery or who want to change jobs or industries. A mobile home means that a person will have a home anywhere they go and this can be quite valuable. People who are intending to move may even consider buying a mobile home for that specific purpose so that they have a place to stay before they decide to buy or rent in the area they are moving to.

5. Financing Options
It is far easier to finance a mobile home than it is to finance a house and many people that may not qualify for a home will qualify for a mobile home. There are many companies that specialize in mobile home loans and someone who is in the market for this type of loan can often complete the entire application process online in a matter of minutes and get a decision back quickly.

6. Easier to Sell
Unlike homes a mobile home is usually quite easy to sell. It does not require a real estate agent and there are often many people in the market for a mobile home at any given time. Selling a mobile home is often as simple as putting up a listing on an online classifieds site and waiting for interested buyers to call in.

Mobile Homes – See What the Fuss is About!

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