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Vinyl Flooring In Manufactured Homes

Nov 15, 17 • News

When it comes to flooring in any sort of structure, the particular choice for manufactured home parts like this can turn out to be very important. That’s because of the visual impact created by this first impression when either a resident, employee or guest enters a specific area.

Making the choice to go with vinyl flooring for your manufactured home is a practical solution to any sort of debate that might surface. One of the easiest reasons to comprehend this selection is that among the many manufactured home parts that are involved, this is one that won’t have to be revisited for decades.

Some of the other reasons that vinyl makes sense include:

A Nice Comfort Level

One aspect of vinyl flooring that connects with all audiences is the feel of it once installation is complete. That’s especially true of luxury vinyl, which offers a much softer feel when stepping upon it. Individuals who tend to be on their feet as part of their regular job can embrace this concept with added vigor, since it allows for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Maintenance Friendly

Flooring of any kind can bring with it annoying burdens that the resident of a manufactured home would just as soon avoid. Carpet may look nice, but it has to be vacuumed on a regular basis and is vulnerable to stains related to spills. Vinyl is something that’s built to address those concerns, as well as issues related to moisture. That means that any maintenance that has to be performed can be handled in quick fashion.

Easy Economics

Despite the belief that luxury vinyl is prohibitively expensive, the reality is that both that option and vinyl composition are solid selections for budget-conscious people. One of the chief reasons relates to the easy installation process, with things like spray adhesives helping make for quick work. Items like the adhesives are best purchased from Basic Components, given the quality of the product tends to stand out in comparison to cheaper options at other outlets.

Trend Setting

Some individuals who live in manufactured homes aren’t necessarily focused on areas like current trends. Yet the reality is that vinyl is presently a cutting-edge option for flooring when it comes to construction of new homes. Using products from Basic Components to have it installed can add a new level of vibrancy to this unique type of living arrangement.

Considerations to Remember

Not all vinyl floors are made equal, so it makes sense for any installation to involve purchasing more than enough flooring for your manufactured home. That’s because brands and patterns tend to fluctuate when purchasing them from traditional outlets. In addition, shades of the vinyl can vary, so having to make a separate purchase for additional vinyl can leave your manufactured home with an awkward look.

Your Best Choice

Basic Components has been around for more than three decades, offering quality manufactured home parts to its valued customer base over that lengthy period of time. We can help make sure that you make the best selection possible when it comes to vinyl flooring and all other aspects of your manufactured home. Contact us today to get things started by giving us a call at 1-800-452-1780 or just go on our website and fill out our online form. We look forward to serving your needs.