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OSI® SW-325™ Heavy Duty Shear & Construction Adhesive

OSI SW-325 Heavy Duty Shear & Construction Adhesive is a high performance, heavy-duty latex-based construction adhesive designed for drywall applications and fabricating shear-wall rated assemblies. This non-flammable, low gassing adhesive can be used for all interior and in-plant construction use. This ultra-low VOC product offers fast strength development and high shear strength, making it well suited for a variety of construction projects requiring high bond strength. The product’s unique formulation offers Green Builders a high-performance construction adhesive over traditional solvent based adhesives without sacrificing strength and performance.

Recommended for bonding drywall to wood or metal framing. It adheres foamboard, decorative paneling and other types of panels to wood furring strips, concrete walls or drywall. SW-325 can be used in most interior remodeling or repair projects, and recreational or prefab modular manufacturing. It bonds to drywall, paneling, all types of wood trim, plywood, hardboard, OSB, countertops and similar materials.

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Heavy Duty Shear & Construction Adhesive
Download PDF: OSI SW 325 Tech Data / OSI SW 325 MSDS

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