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Titebond 5352 Drywall Adhesive

Titebond 5352 Professional Drywall Adhesive

Titebond Drywall Adhesive is specifically designed for applying drywall to wood, hardboard, gypsum wallboard, cold-rolled steel and aluminum. Its strong initial tack allows the panels to be positioned quickly without slipping.

Titebond Drywall Adhesive fills irregularities and gaps in substrates, providing a strong bond and a more solid backup surface. It is unaffected by moisture and resists aging – it will not become hard or brittle with age. It exceeds the ASTM C557 specification.

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Titebond 5352 Drywall Adhesive

Download PDF: TiteBond 5352 Tech Data / Titebond 5352 Pro MSDS

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