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Choosing bulk kitchen faucets to install in RVs, mobile homes and modular homes poses the same challenges of choosing fixtures for a traditional home. Mobile and manufactured homes require the same things needed in traditional homes. It is still important to consider the overall styling of the kitchen as well as the type of sink in which the faucet will be installed. Choosing the right faucets means choosing one that will last for several years and suit the owner's needs.

Metallic Kitchen High Arch Faucets

Metallic kitchen faucets create a high-end luxury look. High arch faucets have beautiful curves that make them a preferred choice in today's stylish kitchens. They also have attractive handles as opposed to the knobs commonly found with standard kitchen faucets. For RV or mobile or modular home owners who enjoy cooking, high arch kitchen faucets are a welcome addition to the kitchen. They provide more room for easily filling large pots and extra workspace. The additional workspace is a welcome addition in small RV and mobile home kitchens.

High Arch Faucet Styles

There are multiple options for metallic kitchen faucets. Once you have settled on a high arch design, you still need to decide which option is right for the space. High arch faucets are available both with and without a sprayer. Determining which one is right for the kitchen largely depends on the layout of the sink. Before making a decision, check to see how many holes are in the sink. If you plan on installing a faucet with a sprayer, make sure the sink has three holes.

Finish Options

Prior to purchasing fixtures, you also need to decide on the finish. Chrome, satin nickel and antique bronze are all available options. Chrome fits well in modern kitchens while antique bronze looks best in more traditional or old world style kitchens. Satin nickel is an option that works well with virtually any style. It is also a popular choice because it is much easier to keep clean than chrome because it lacks the shiny finish. Satin nickel is an option that never goes out of style and withstands the test of time.

Shopping for High Arch Kitchen Faucets

Basic Components Inc. is a specialty manufacturer and distributor of products for the manufactured home and RV industries. When you order from us, you are sure to get the fixtures you need. When you need bulk kitchen faucets, it is possible to find exactly what you need from Basic Components Inc. If you have any questions or require assistance placing your order, feel free to contact us for more information.