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Metallic Faucet Upgrades for Mobile Homes and RVs

When renovating mobile homes and RVs the bathroom and kitchen should be the most important areas to upgrade. Not only are they two of the most popular areas of any home, but they also feature the most appliances, fixtures and design styles. When renovating, faucets are commonly replaced as the fixtures easily reveal the home's age. Metallic faucets provide a more luxurious look to drab sink or shower décor. Metallic faucets for RVs are as available as those for standard homes. Basic Components offers an array of mobile home metallic faucets for kitchens, bathrooms and bar areas.

Kitchen Faucets

Metallic faucets for RVs are a great way to modernize a boring or old-fashioned kitchen. Their brilliance and shine give them a sparkling finish and their sturdiness makes them perfect for the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Using metallic faucets in the kitchen also ensures they will be easy to clean. High Arc Faucet - High Arc kitchen faucets feature a highly positioned spout that allows for the filling of deep kitchen sinks and rinsing high above the water level. High Arc Faucet with Sprayer - This High Arc faucet features the same as the standard High Arc faucet but comes with a separate sprayer for washing and rinsing over larger areas. Pull-Down Faucet - Pull-down faucets offer the convenience of a standard faucet and a sprayer in one form. The tip of the spout pulls down and acts as a sprayer. Pull-down faucets are available as a single piece or with a deck mount. Pull-Out Faucet - Pull-out faucets work in the same manner as pull-down faucets except the faucet projects at a straight angle meaning the spout will be pulled forward as opposed to down toward the sink. Standard Kitchen Faucet - Standard kitchen faucets feature straight 9-inch spouts and are available with knobs or a central lever handle. Standard Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer - The standard faucet with sprayer works the same as the standard sprayer and features a side sprayer for thorough rinsing.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom sinks meet just as much grime as their kitchen counterparts. Upgrading the bathroom faucets is a small way to make a big difference in the overall atmosphere of the room. Basic Components provides modular homes with metallic faucets for bathroom sinks and showers. Single Handle - Single handle faucet feature one central handle and are available in lever or knob styles. Dual Handle - Dual handle faucets are available in lever, knob, acrylic knob or blade lever varieties. Three-Piece Roman - The three-piece Roman faucets for tubs are designed with two handles which are separate from the spout. Shower Faucet - Shower faucet sets include shower heads and handles in single lever, single knob or double knob styles. Tub and Shower Faucet - Tub and shower faucets feature handles, a shower head and a tub spout with a diverter to alternate between the head and spout. Shower heads are available in one or three setting forms.

Bar Faucets

Basic Components also offers mobile home metallic faucets for bar sinks. Bar faucets are made with levered handles that swing a full 360 degrees and ceramic disc cartridges that turn 90 degrees. They are available in chrome, satin nickel and antique bronze finishes. Bar faucets are available with acrylic knobs, blade handles or standard double handles. Metallic faucets for bars, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, tubs and showers add a sleek touch to your remodeled RV. If you or an associate need to outfit your modular homes with metallic faucets contact Basic Components at (817) 473-7224 today.