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Choosing the right bulk bathroom faucets to install in RVs, mobile homes and modular homes does not need to be a difficult task. Though there are numerous things to keep in mind, the decision is easy when you know exactly what to look for and consider. Faucets that are non-metallic offer numerous benefits and are a good choice for most applications.

Non-Metallic Bathroom Faucets

When you are looking to install bathroom fixtures that are affordable, non-metallic bathroom faucets are the best choice. Non-metallic faucets are constructed from heavy duty plastic with finishes that make them look and feel like metal. They cost considerably less than metal faucets, making them an ideal choice for builders and contractors who need to purchase in bulk. Non-metallic fixtures are durable and last for several years.

Styles of Bathroom Faucets

Regardless on the exact styling of a particular home or RV, it is possible to find a style of non-metallic faucet that fits perfectly. Fixtures for bathroom sinks, traditional bathtubs, shower and bathtub combinations and garden tubs are always available. Non-metallic fixtures with knobs are also available for standalone showers. Mobile homes, modular homes and RVs have the same requirements for fixtures as traditional homes, and non-metallic fixtures are a common choice in newly constructed homes because they are affordable, standard options that home and RV owners can upgrade later.


Non-metallic fixtures for the bathroom come in stylish finishes that closely resemble the finishes on metallic fixtures. Chrome and oil rubbed bronze finishes work well in any style home. Chrome fixtures are classic choices that work in both modern and traditional homes. Fixtures with an oil rubbed bronze finish create a more high-end feel, and they fit perfectly bathrooms with classic, sophisticated styling and rich colors. The rubbed bronze finish is also easier to keep clean because it does not have the shine of chrome.

Bulk Bathroom Faucets

Buying bathroom faucets in bulk saves money and allows builders and contractors to purchase the fixtures they need all at once from one source rather than potentially facing the challenge of needing to visit numerous stores to find matching fixtures. Whether you need one case or several, buying in bulk is the most convenient and affordable option. If you are looking for affordable and stylish non-metallic faucets for bathrooms, Basic Components is a one-stop source of supplies for any need. Whether updating an existing mobile home or RV or building a new one, the non-metallic faucets and knobs from Basic Components are ideal for any application, and they can be shipped anywhere in the United States. If you have any questions or need help ordering, please feel free to contact us anytime.