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Whether it’s for the kitchen or bathroom of an RV, mobile or modular home, having the right fixtures and faucets can often mean that the most economical approach is the wisest course of action. That means going with the non-metallic variety, since concerns about them rusting out or corroding to a point that replacement becomes necessary is something that doesn’t have to be a concern. That’s especially when a company like Basic Components is available to handle the situation.

Non-Metallic Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to non-metallic kitchen faucets, there’s no need for fancy options, since function tops form in this realm. The practicality of the dual knob faucet is something that’s inexpensive and comes with a threaded nozzle head that’s flexible enough to add on another nozzle or a hose. In addition, the inexpensive nature of non-metallic kitchen faucets is such that purchasing in bulk reduces that cost even further. It also affords the purchaser to quickly install or replace an item for a customer.

Non-Metallic Bathroom Faucets

In this area, you need a faucet for both the sink and bathing areas. When it comes to everyday grooming at the sink, this might include hand washing or shaving, which is something that the dual knob faucet can handle. Some flexibility is available when either a bathtub or shower, though each also has dual knobs. In the event both a tub and shower have been installed, Basic Components also has a dual knob faucet for that. One of the best things about non-metallic bathroom faucets is that some variety is available, with either an oil-rubbed or chrome finish. In addition, the ability to buy those non-metallic bathroom faucets in bulk can help cut the costs of construction

The Place for Non-Metallic Faucets and Fixtures

Basic Components is a company that’s been around since 1986. We have plenty of experience when it comes to advising its customers on the value of non-metallic fixtures and faucets, with these items available to be shipped anywhere in the United States.